It’s Friday… and this is my second post of the week.  Which means I didn’t do what I expected and post a daily record of the weight loss /diet progress.  Which means I didn’t really make much.  Oh, I tried a little, and I did rein in a bit as far as portion sizes go.. and I think I made some weight loss progress.

But that’s fine.  I just wrote out a review of the week’s meals and that’s probably much too boring.  Let’s talk about something else.  Let’s just leave it at I did moderate my eating, even though I splurged at times (Thursday night our Valentine’s date I had steak and a baked potato, then ate popcorn and a little candy at the movies afterwards).   But that’s the idea, is to eat sensible most of the time and indulge yourself infrequently, rather than the other way around.

We went to see Music & Lyrics last night… great movie.  Quite inspirational.  Hugh Grant is hilarious and I don’t usually appreciate Drew Barrymore much but she did well.

Got a call from Paul this week.  USF, his alma mater, is playing Auburn next year, so we made plans to get together for that game.  So his kids can cheer for USF and mine can cheer for Auburn.  It was good to hear from him and his job is going extremely well.  Kinda made me go into self-examination mode, though, concerning what I want to be when I grow up.  Talking to him usually does.  I feel a kind of competitiveness with Paul that probably shouldn’t be there, but is. 

But I still don’t really know what I want to be when I grow up.  Any real job I take is going to cut into all the time I enjoy at home, with my family.  And we’re doing fine, financially, although we can’t do everything we want to do (like join gyms)… but that’s healthy.   Well, it’s not healthy that we can’t join a gym, but healthy that we have to choose where we’re going to focus our finances, rather than being able to go schizophrenic and try to do everything at once.

I asked Teresa the other day if she really felt like she was forty-(mumble-something) and she said yes, absolutely (disclaimer here… she gets teased alot by the other homeschool moms because she had the headstart with Dave and Amanda… she’s told pretty much every day that she’s old.. and it isn’t by me).  I don’t… although I do think I need to go to an eye doctor soon because I’m starting to work harder to see.  But I don’t FEEL 40… shouldn’t I know… well, more about my future now?  Shouldn’t I start feeling older pretty soon? 

In other news… filed taxes today and TurboTax online has a great thing where you can get your refund back in gift-cards, and get a bit of a premium for it.  So we’re getting most of our federal return back in Lowe’s cards so we can finish/start some of the projects around here.  The projects we have going are…

– Basement ceiling (of course) … might chew up a substantial part of it

– Boy’s fort … since we’re having a REAL winter it’s hard to work on

– Boy’s beds … they don’t really like their platform bed, so I’m going to redo their current arrangement.  Make it two beds, and make drawers/storage around the perimeter of the room.

– Basement shelves … don’t hold enough books, so we need to redo those as well.  Get rid of the acquired shelves and build some new’uns.

– Garden boxes … Teresa’s going to garden, and she has some plans she found for a garden arrangement.  These’ll be easy, though.

– Garage … still not determined what we’re doing there… but something needs to be done.

Gonna close it out here.. have a good weekend.


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