Georgia On My Mind

I’m sitting in Dallas-Fort Worth Airport awaiting my flight in about an hour to go home.  Ahhhhh…. hommmee….. This was a very long trip.  I’ve been eating much too much, and I feel it’s time to get my weight in check again.  There’s been too much waiting for something to happen, and not enough doing something about it.  I feel like I’ve been full this entire trip.

Problem being… don’t think we can afford WeightWatchers… even the cheap one.  So I’m going to setup another blog to track my daily ‘points’, and my weekly weigh-ins.  I’m also toying with the idea of doing a picture-every-day thing, like I’ve seen on the web.  Some people have taken pictures of their face every day for years and years, and put it together into an animation.  This sounds really cool and would be a really visual way of seeing the changes/differences, even though I know I’ll be feeling them, too.

I’m pretty sure my breakfasts/lunches at home are pretty well within the point ranges I need… so basically it will be eating sensible when we go out, cutting down the adult beverage intake a bit, and exercising.  Oh, and portion control of Teresa’s delicious dinners.  No more second/third heaping.. er.. helpings.

I’m SO out of shape today I was walking down the broken escalator at a mall and my leg muscles started cramping a bit.  Eww.

In other news… in the training class we had these neat desks where the monitor was under the desk, and you looked through a glass pane to look at the monitor.  It was very, very comfortable, and I’m thinking of trying to duplicate it on my desk at home.  It gives you a lot of room on the desk to work on papers and such when you need it, too.

Teresa’s also got some wall-units I need to make fit in the house, and I have to redo the bookshelves in the basement.  Oh, and we’re going to do a temporary ceiling in the basement out of nice, cheap plywood.  Cut 2×2 panels from plywood, paint it white and put it in as a place-holder for when we can save up for the tiles.

This winter really feels like a real winter, and not like the brief-cold spells we’ve had the past couple years.  I read where NASA says this is the 5th warmest year on record, behind 2005, 2003, 1998 and a couple others.  Lot of global warming hype going on these days.  I still remember being told that an Ice Age was coming way back in my school days.  As much as everyone is talking about it, I’m thinking that politics has finally made it into science, and is influencing it.   I’ve read articles on both sides, saying that politicians against global warming tried to change parts of the recent report, and that politicians for global warming were the ones making editorial changes on the documents, and changing scientist’s findings.  I guess this is just another one of those things where you beliee what you beleive, and can argue any which-a-way.

Well, I need to go over to my gate now, and my battery is running low. 


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