Snowing in Dallas

I’m sitting in my training class in Richardson, TX (a suburb of Dallas) and it’s snowing outside.  I guess that isn’t too unusual… after all it is winter and all, but something about being in Texas when it is snowing seems … odd.

On Tuesday I flew out.  My laptop battery was dead, and I had grabbed the wrong AC adapter, so I couldn’t watch my Lost DVDs that I had gotten from Blockbuster.  I had grabbed my docking station AC adapter, which has a different plug on it than the AC adapter that plugs into the laptop.  I don’t understand why we’ve been dealing with electricity since Edison and still don’t have a common ‘power’ interface on devices.  I had a poker book to read, but instead I just sat around and watched the other people waiting for the plane.  And I got a little nervous.

Not like terrorism nervous.  But a lot of the people waiting for the plane were pretty young, and attractive.  And they spoke many different languages.  I heard french, and saw a girl reading a book in Cyrillic.  Such a diverse set of nationalities, and attractive people.  I was convinced that either:

1. We were going to crash.  Planes with lots of attractive people on them crash.  Movies and TV has proven this to me, and it is an indisputable fact.

2. Ok, I didn’t have a 2.

Once on the plane I sat next to a couple with an adorable baby girl.  Big doe eyes, and loved to sing to herself.  As we were landing I commented to her mother how well she travelled.

"Yes, she’s getting used to it."  I noted a bit of an accent in her English.

"Oh?  You travel alot?"

"Yes, there’s quite a few of us on the plane."

"I noticed that.  Is this a student group or something?"  I said, showing my age.

"We’re with Cirque du Soleil."

"Wow, cool."  I said.  As I was getting off I noticed guys with clowns embriodered on their denim jackets, and a couple with Cirque branded clothes on… it all made sense!  I was happy we didn’t crash.

My hotel has been nothing but problems.  The first key they gave me they wrote down the wrong room number.  I went and was trying toe key and it wasn’t working.  A maid cleaning a room nearby came out and told me there was a lady in there.  Went down, and got a key to the room that they really checked me into (and not some other random room), and was able to get unpacked.  The next day I come in and once again I go up to my room and the key doesn’t work.  Come down, get a new one… it still doesn’t work very often.  Very annoying.  I’m tempted to check out.  Very tempted.  Plus the lady who works behind the hotel bar there is mean, and not pleasant to talk with.  It’s a Holiday Inn Select.  I’m bummed.  At least the heater works.

In fact I heated up the room last night and got ready to go down to the pool.  But it was 11pm, and the pool closes at 11pm.  Arggh.  I had been watching Lost while getting ready to go and just fiddled around too much, I guess. 

Class has been good, informative, and worthwhile so far.  And some other things are coming in for me to do once the class is over, although I may do them over the weekend while I’m in town.  What the hay.

It’s snowing harder now, and I’m starting to get hungry for dinner.  Just a few more minutes of class.


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