It’s Monday, and I’m Cold

I fell asleep last night in my reclining chair in the basement, with a blanket over me and a space-heater blowing on me.  It was sooo nice being that warm.  I woke up at 4am and decided to lay down for the rest of the night, so went upstairs and got into bed.  There’s always that warm-up time when you first get into a cold bed in the winter.


This is the week I leave for Dallas.  I’m regretting not scheduling a weekend return now.  I knew I would.  It seems a daunting trip now, to be in Dallas for the better part of two weeks, living in a hotel room.  It’s not even warmer there.  At least I’ll be able to crank the hotel room heat.  I need to pack.


This weekend I finished the boys’ Pinewood Derby cars.  They still need to paint and decorate them, but they are shaped.  Cameron’s is Lightning McQueen, and Tyler’s is a Army HumVee.  The race is the Saturday morning after I get back from Dallas, so I wouldn’t have had a chance to make them any other time.  I’m actually kind of impressed with myself that I made them this early.   I found a web-site that talked about some things you can do to make them run a bit faster, and I still have those little trivial things to do, too.


We still haven’t had Cameron’s birthday party.  Teresa came down with the flu we’ve all been enjoying on Friday night, so we had to cancel the Saturday party again.  The boys were understandably disappointed.  We had been cleaning and decorating Friday, so they were really ready for it, but woke up to yet another cancellation.  I took them to go see Happy Feet, though, and they both really liked the movie.  It was a good movie, and I was a bit surprised (pleasantly, mind you) how human beings were represented.  There was a definite message in the movie, but it was handled very well. 


Saw an interview on FoxNews that was pretty interesting.  I didn’t catch the name of the guy, but he has written a book about how the world sees the US.  He basically said that the liberal societies of Europe look at the US and see the Red US with the conservativeness, and the strict radical Muslims look at the US and see the Blue US with the liberality.  Everyone sees the stuff they don’t like about the US.  Interesting.


I guess that’s all for now.  It’s still Monday, and I’m still cold.


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