Winter, Birthday, Stomach Flu

Winter time has come to Georgia.  It’s very chilly out there today, and is supposed to remain so for the next couple weeks.  Teresa’s running the fireplace which keeps the upstairs nice and toasty, but down here in the basement it’s a bit chilly.  I haven’t pulled out the space-heater yet, and probably will soon.  Since the fireplace up there keeps the temperature at a point where the heat won’t kick in, not that it really reaches the basement (or even all of the bedrooms, for that matter).

You know what would be cool, a zone thermostat that has sensors in the different rooms, and if one of the rooms is too cold the heat turns on, and only the vents to that room open.  So other rooms don’t get overheated.  Because most of the heat goes into them aster bedroom, it seems.

Yesterday was Cameron’s 7th birthday.  He got to choose his meals, and he chose CiCi’s Pizza Buffett for dinner, and then didn’t want to eat pizza.  They have games there, especially a claw-game that is full of candy and trinkets.  It wasn’t a real party, just a dinner but Zack and Emma came, and Mallery joined us,  too.  Afterwards we came back to our house and played video games for a while.  His real party was going to be tomorrow.

I say ‘was’ because he woke up complaining about his tummy this morning, and when Teresa administered some Pepto-Bismol, he threw up.  Which I can’t really blame him for, because Pepto-Bismol is the worst, but we’re actually assuming it wasn’t actually the Pepto-Bismol that made him throw up, but a stomach flu.  Some friends the boys played with earlier in the week came down with a stomach flu, and various members of the families have come down with it.  One of Teresa’s friends called her yesterday to describe the joy it has brought to her.  And now it looks like we’re in line for a taste of it ourselves.  Hmm.. maybe ‘taste’ is a bad word there.

So Cameron’s party will not be tomorrow, poor guy.  He’s been so looking forward to it.  It’ll have to wait until next week in order to limit everyone’s exposure.

More bad news on the online poker scene.  The company that I had been using to transfer money to and fro had a couple of their former board members arrested this week.  Yeah, former board members.  It has to do with the Wire Act, and aiding the transfer of money to offline sport-betting sites, and nothing to do with poker.  But still they’ve shut their doors to US customers.  So until everything settles down the money I have online will stay there.  Which is fine by me.  Maybe better by me because maybe that’ll keep me from taking it out.  It was expected they’d leave sooner or later, it just came sooner rather than later.  I could see how it’s really bad news for people who’ve actually made online poker their ‘job’.  Especially since now most of the ways to move money around charge fees.

Cameron must be feeling a little better, he’s down here playing X-Box now.

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