Sneeze genes?

I just sneezed.  I’m sitting in my office (in my basement), listening to the replay of Rush Limbaugh, and I sneezed.  The temperature is about 15 degrees cooler than it was yesterday, so I grabbed a blanket, shook it out, and laid it across my legs.  I guess some dust was stirred, and tickled my sneezer, so I sneezed.

Tyler, who is up in the kitchen playing 13 Dead End Drive with Cameron yelled, ‘BLESS YOU DADDY!’

I think I inherited my dad’s sneezes.

I wired the basement lights (well, 9 at least, I’m missing a piece to the 10th light, and I haven’t installed the office lights yet without the ceiling), so now we have a pretty good idea of how it will be down here.  I also got a pack of tiles ($70 a case of 12, so I just got one) and floodlights but I haven’t installed the tiles under the lights yet.  But they’re wired, and have bulbs in them, and Teresa is very happy that there is now light in the basement.  It does look pretty nice.  I have to say, I’m kind of impressed with myself.  I even got them to work with the lightswitch at the base of the stairs.  I had to pull the hot wire from the fusebox over that way when I had first pulled it over to behind the TV, so I just ran a new wire over there to hook up to the switch so the entire hot-wire is switched.  I even put the cover back on the switch already.

Women make men so much better.  I doubt I would do any of this work if Teresa didn’t want it.  I’d just sit around in the same jeans for 5-6 days in a row in front of my computer.  But with Teresa around usually I change at least every 3 days, and shower twice as much as that.  Amazing.


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