Time flies

So I go to listen to some of the music I used to listen to in high school. You know, music from the 1980’s. I look in the internet radio section of my iTunes players. Half the channels in there that include 80’s are so-called ‘oldies’ stations. Harumph.

Had lunch with a guy from the poker boards the other day. He plays pretty high stakes. He lives with his parents. His bedroom is on the 4th floor. They pay for his nearly ivy league school. He drives an Audi. I play dollar poker. I have a family I love and wouldn’t trade for all that. I rock. He paid.

Watched a Eureka episode I hadn’t seen from last season.. it was good.. I think they’re doing one last season play-back before the new season starts. I can’t wait.

We joined the Blockbuster Total Access DVD program rather than Netflix. It allows us to trade in the movies we got through the mail for free ones in the store. PLUS they send you the next 3 in your queue.. so you have like 6 movies in your possession. And you get free game rentals periodically (like twice a month). Capitalism and free markets rock. I complained that video games cost $7.99 before, but I just wasn’t working the system the right way.

The ceiling is still getting ‘adjusted’. This is going to take a while. I have to remove about 3/4ths of the wires and re-wire them because it was uneven, but now I’m thinking the two walls aren’t even…. so the basement is in semi-destroyed mode most of the time now.

Teresa’s Doc told her to quit drinking caffeine because it’s giving her reflux. So now she can’t drink the coffee I make, so we bought a cheap coffee maker that we put on my desk. How cool is that?! The bad thing is that was one of the only ways I was getting exercise. The good thing is it automatically turns off after 2 hours, so no coffee sludge when I forget about it way up there.

I finally won another few poker tournaments, so I’m starting to feel okay about that again, too. Long way from one million dollars, though.

I guess that’s all for now.

(oh, Textamerica deleted my account (and hundreds of phone photos) somehow, so I have nowhere to send my phone photos.. was hoping I could do it to here, but haven’t got it working yet.. oh well)


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