The eternal to-do list…

1. Ceiling
    – The frame is up in the main room of the basement.  After figuring out that the tiles actually cost an average of $1 a square FOOT, not per tile, I’m not sure when we’ll actually be able to put in the tiles.  Since that room alone is 16×24, which is like like 384 square feet it becomes pretty costly.  Teresa’s shopping now for the best tiles and best prices.  She has time, because I still have to level it out.  I put it all up and the far side from where I started ended up about 2" too high, and so there was quite a slope to the wall at the end.  I’ve installed some lights, too (the lights were purchased w/last year’s income tax return which we got in the form of Lowe’s cards), but have a lot more to go.  Those are a bit tricky.  Maybe we’ll get a decent return this year since we have nice mortgage interest this year.

2. Kid’s fort
    – Brr, no.  It’s either raining or freezing, being winter and all.  Later.

3. Return house to pre-Christmas arrangement
    – Been concentrating on the ceiling so much the house is still strewn and a bit random.  It’s still early, right?  January?  Have to bring a heavy table back into the house, and finish getting the lights from outside.  At least I’ve unplugged them so the world doesn’t know we still have our Christmas lights out.

4. Hang Christmas gifts
    – Of course once it is back in place it’s time to hang all the Christmas gifts.  The Nutcracker photos, and Teresa’s clock most notably.

5. Win $1,000,000 in poker
    – This isn’t going well at all… I seem to honestly have forgotten how to win.  Ok, that’s probably a bit harsh, cuz I have won a little, just not as much as I had been.  Maybe just now that the holidays are over all the more serious poker players are playing again.  I had a final table today that was the hardest I’ve seen … like ever.  And it was for a $1 tournament.  So my bankroll has been backpedaling a bit.  Nothing TOO serious, but it’s about 2/3rds of what it was a week ago.  I was trying my hand at some $5 games, and that’s just too much.  It hurts when I lose them where a $1 tournament I can say ‘meh, whatever’ and play my comfortable game.  So I’m back to the $1’s exclusively for a while.

6. Use the gym bag Teresa gave me
    – This one I can’t figure out..  I’m not much of a morning person as I usually roll out of my bed to come down to my office.   Plus the gym is crowded then. Mid-morning are usually my status meetings for work.  Lunchtime the gym is crowded again.  Early afternoons might be pushed aside for business stuff.  Evenings is dinner time, scouts, Teresa’s time to go do stuff.  I just can’t decide.  I have lost a bit of the weight I put on over the holidays.  Not much, but a little.  Just changing my diet a bit and not overdoing it…. as much.  I’m sure I’ll have to get serious about it here shortly.

In other news… just after the New Year my hard-drive crashed.  Teresa also knew a few people who had hard-drive crashes right around then.  Maybe it was a delayed Y2K problem (joke).  Anyway, I had to go get a new hard-drive and decided that drives were so cheap I’d buy 2 and mirror them so I wouldn’t lose anything in the future.  Had issues getting Microsoft XP back onto the drive since the CD I had didn’t match the codes I had and vicie versie.  Finally found the code for my computer (it was on my old monitor, go figure), and got it up and running.  The boys’ video card died about then, too, so I had to get them a new cheapie one that is almost as good as my current video card.

During all this I decided to re-arrange my work area.  More of my incoming mail messages need the latest version of Outlook to read, so my old computer with ancient version of Office on it wasn’t as useful as it had been, so I retired it.  I’m using my Nortel-issued laptop exclusively for work now, but the cool thing is I can use my old monitor with it, and have 2 monitors with the laptop.  So there’s lots of screen real-estate to multi-task in.

I’m sure all of this is terribly exciting.

Had to bribe Tyler to keep going to Scouts last night.  He says it’s too boring.  I tell him all the great stuff he’ll be doing when he makes it to Boy Scouts, and camping and everything and that wasn’t working.  So I gave him some extra X-Box time after Scouts.  That worked.  I think he’ll be happier in Scouts, since they’re a pretty active troop.  They’re often out playing football and stuff before their meeting starts.

The Dallas trip the end of this month is on, so I’ll be gone 12 days to that.  Wowsa, that’s a long time.  Including a weekend.  I probably could have lobbied to come home for the weekend but even though I don’t mind travelling, I hate the travelling part.  Too many things to go wrong, get lost, yada yada.  I know I’m going to be ready to get home at the end of it.


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