That last post…

… was actually an e-mail… I was lazy, and the first part about coconut soup references something in the e-mail another guy was saying about how good Thai coconut soup was… I was so lazy I didn’t even read it after I posted it so I completely missed the non sequitur.  Why did I link to that definition?  Ever use a word in conversation (or want to use a word) and you’re not quite sure if that word means what you think it means?   I do it all the time, and I’m usually kind of surprised when I’m right and used it properly.  Or close enough.

So.. Christmas is over.  I’ve been on ‘vacation’ for a week.  Which means I’ve been going to Home Depot every other day getting stuff to put up my ceiling in the basement.  So far it’s going pretty well, except for the absolutely tremendous amount of frustration there is involved in climbing ladders to find out you forgot what you needed across the room, dropping cordless screwdrivers on your head when  you leave them on top of the ladder and try to move it, moving one little wire and all the cross-beams fall down (repeat 8x).  Then I try and take a picture and the camera just sits there with the flash icon blinking.  Which I don’t understand… if you need to flash, flash.  What do you mean blinking that little icon at me?  I’m not in charge of flashing, you are.  So I wait, thinking it means it needs to charge… and I wait.. and still, blink blink blink.  So I take it without the flash.  Ah-HAH!  I am the master of my destiny… not some silly little camera.

But I can’t say ‘everything went wrong’.  Because I actually measured and cut the longer ceiling brackets to the right length.  Yes… measured once, cut once, and it was right.  I had only cut a couple of them, just in case I was off.  Ok, ok… I was actually trying to cut them long so I could trim them to the ‘perfect’ length, and it turned out they’re pretty close to the perfect length.. close enough to use anyway.  Crazy ceiling is 24’6", and the lengths come in 12′ lengths… so I have to use 7 of them to make 7 6’6" lengths, and have 7 5’6" lengths left over.  I’ll find a way to use them on the office side, I reckon.

But seriously, I do enjoy doing this work.  Teresa was kidding me a couple weeks ago when I was working on the stairs and mentioned how ‘I only do it because I love her.’  Which is true… it’s a major part of it.  But there is tremendous satisfaction that comes with saying, ‘I wonder if…’ and going about it and eventually BOOM something gets done, and you did it… something you didn’t know if you could do.  Gives you great confidence to look at something else and say, ‘I bet I can do that.’  Evidence: installing a drop ceiling.  This really is more of an intermediate / advanced challenge, rather than the pretty simple basic things I do.  It really is turning into a fair amount of work, but I’m achieving it, and taking care to make sure it’s being done (mostly) properly.  Everything level, and measured out correctly, etc.  I hope it turns out alright.  But there really isn’t much that I can’t look at and say, ‘I could do that.’

Speaking of which, I’m suffering from a poker withdrawal.  Too tired at night, and too busy working on the ceiling during the day.  Which is kinda tough.  I did play the other day, but poker really isn’t like riding a bike.  I forget how to play… forget my confidence level… forget to pay close attention… just the little things that make the difference between coming in 11th place (top 7 get paid) and the 1st, 2nd, 3rd place finishes I was getting before.  Plus it can be really hard to tell if it is just variance (your turn at the Bad Luck Inn), or if your plays are stupid.  I need to start capturing my questionable hands and posting them on the forums.  The only way to get better.  But the success I’ve had so far is very much along the ‘I can do that’ confidence I get from tackling my projects.

But poker is probably going to have to wait a bit to get my full attention… have to finish the ceiling, celebrate the New Year, probably continue working on the ceiling on the 2nd (my day off), and then it’s back to work again.  Things are going to move fast as everyone gets back to work and our projects kick into higher gear a bit, plus I’m going to Dallas again the last week of January / first week in February… possibly.  Training on the software that we’re implementing.  It’s actually training for the people who are going to be the operators, but we’ve got some seats and we may sit in on it, too.  I’d like to, but there’s some question as to whether it would be worth it or not.

Christmas pictures are uploading while I’m typing this, so they should be available pretty soon.

I guess this is it for 2006.  I won’t post another one until 2007 sometime.  Looking back it’s been a pretty good year, and there’s slight up-tick ramping into next year.  Some 2006 highlights:
    – We bought our house
    – New and good friends
    – New, much more satisfying job
    – Everyone is mostly healthy (oh we have aches and pains, but nothing life-impairing), and happy.

And so many good things are really starting to happen.  Nortel stock is starting to surge a bit, and I can actually watch it and calculate some kind of return from my shares.  My parents are moving closer, so we’ll get to see them more often.  My job is picking up, and has transitioned to a 100% work-at-wherever-I-am status.  This is going to be a Disney year, finally.  Even with vacations, taxes and such this looks to be a year where we can get ahead of ourselves a bit, rather than falling behind.  I’m looking forward to 2007.  Last one there’s a rotten egg!


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