Co-workers like going to a Thai place and they get some coconut soup…
that must be it. I’m not a big fan of coconut, although I did get it
the first time I went unknowingly (soup? umm, sure) and it wasn’t as
bad as I imagined, but still not a big fan.

I’m beat. Been wrapping presents for Grandmommy, Poppop, Pops, Nana,
Amanda, Derek, Aurora, Bella, David, Mallery, and Teresa. Still have
more tomorrow.

Still haven’t started on the ones for my own kids yet.

and I need to finish painting the stairs… tonight… so it dries
overnight and our dog doesn’t put paw prints throughout the house.

My parents get here tomorrow.

Only played 3 tournaments today (1 45-man cash) and 4 yesterday (2 cashs, including 6th in a 180).

since when did I start getting spell-checked in forum text-boxes?
Firefox 2.0 I just installed? I hate those red squiggly lines.

I’m drinking coffee at 11pm so I can wake up to go to sleep… that’s how tired I am.


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