What I want for Christmas…

But first, the news…

There isn’t much, really.  We’re in pre-holiday mode around here getting the house ready for the Christmas visitors.  All the decorations are in place… well, almost.  Some final house-projects are being polished off this week.

Work’s going well.. semi-busy still although I expect this week will be kind of sleepy.  Let’s me polish off those house-projects, though.

Poker has been a lot of fun lately.  Playing tournaments is really my niche, I think.  Since that tournament I won in my previous entry I’ve really pulled in some good ones.  I played in some tournaments sponsored (sorta) by the guys who post in the poker forums I read and won those.   Since I won those I’m dubbed ‘King of the Kiddie Pool’.  Kiddie pool because the particular forums I read/post in are for the micro-games.  Very small limits / blinds.. so we’re the ‘micros’, or the Kiddie Pool.  So I get to wear my King of the Kiddie Pool label on the forums.  Fun!

I’ve also hit some other high (high for me) cashes, including one last night that dragged on way past my bedtime.  Here’s a tracking site, where you can keep track of what I play and how I do, if you’re interested.  I really like the idea of paying a few bucks and playing for hours.  Teresa finds it kind of funny that I play for hours and win $4 or something.  But every once in a while I get a decent win.  Like this tournament I’m playing this morning… started at 11am, I’m still playing.  It cost a dollar to enter and I’m ranked 9th right now out of 17, so I win at least $6.   And I’ve been playing for 5 hours!  Talk about bank for your buck!  When I was playing on cash-game tables you never knew if you’d be way up, way down, or even, or what… now I have a pretty good handle on my downside.  And the up-side is pretty up.  Anyway, it’s a nice way of playing.

So let’s get to the title here… what do I want for Christmas.  I was talking this over with one of my online friends and there isn’t really a whole lot that I personally want/need.  Oh there’s lots of things out there I could certainly use…. new van for my wife… tires… money for a ceiling… money to build a fort out back for the boys…  but all that stuff will come in time.  But those aren’t things you could put in a package and wrap it with a bow for Christmas… those are just kind of wishes.  So I was thinking… wishes… what would I really really wish for??  So here’s what I want for Christmas, if I could ask for anything.

– I wish that politicians would govern using their powers of reason and intellect rather than greed and power-hunger.  I wish they would vote according to what is best for the community and the nation as a whole rather than political party affiliation.  This, would of course mean they have to stop hating each other based upon party affiliation, too.  Corollary:  I wish people would listen to each other, rather than inflict their point of view upon others.  I mean really listen.  Try to hear their meaning rather than just the words.  Words are so inadequate when it comes to expressing what people really mean and yet we hold people accountable for every syllable.

– I wish mankind would realize the stupidity of killing to reach Heaven.  God wouldn’t have to compete with anyone, and competing for anything on Earth in His name is in vain.  And I have yet to understand why He would enjoy watching his creations slaughter each other, typically in His name.

– I wish people could take a joke and wouldn’t claim ‘offense’ as easily as they do.  A couple weeks ago Rosie O’Donnell is castigating Kelly Ripa for a statement Rosie called ‘homophobic’ and took offense, playing the indignant minority card.  Last week she makes some joke about what Chinese sounds like to an American (I know the full story, just don’t want to go into that here), and she gets pounced on by Chinese-Americans.  It is constantly in the press concerning who is offended this week, and who did the offending.  It makes me sigh.

I guess I’ve inflicted my opinion on you enough.


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