Had a little score in poker this week.  They have 180-person tournaments that start as soon as 180 people sign up on PokerStars, and I play the one that costs $4 to enter periodically (I usually play $1 tournaments).  I took first in one, which is $216.  I was very excited, since I haven’t been doing very well lately.  It was nice to get the extra money.  My whole plan for 2007 and poker is to keep playing these small tournaments and every once in a while take a stab at a big one.  If I can pull off a big one (this was really still a small one) it would be nice.  But I’m not willing to blow through my poker bankroll chasing the big ones.  So I play small ones and every once in a while when my bankroll gets to a certain point I play a big one.  I get to play a lot of poker very cheaply, and it doesn’t put me in danger of going broke any time soon.
It was funny cuz I actually decided to stay home and play rather than go to the bar and play that night.  Teresa had a meeting with her support group and friends, and David and Mallery were here so I could have gone but I decided to stay anyway.  I played about 4 small ones and busted out of those pretty early before I tried the bigger one.
We’re preparing the house for the holidays!  The tree is up, stockings are up… barely any lights outside are up outside and that’s for a couple reasons.  The first is that I’ve actually been busy this week in work, and the second is because it is COLD outside.  We’re going about the decorating kind of slow this year.. gradually. 
We’re also doing a little bit of renovation, pulling up the carpet from the front stairs.  I had done the top stairs previously but Friday I tore down the carpet from all the bottom stairs.  We’re going to sand them, and finish them.  We also have a couple minor things but they may wait until after the holidays.
They’re closing my lab at the office, so I won’t have a place to test things out any more.  As far as I know I’m keeping my cube, so I’m probably going to move a couple things up to there just to be able to do some basic things from time to time.  It’s a bummer because of all the servers I had running folding@home clients, but really it’s no big deal.
It’s been crazy windy here lately, and the canopy we put out on our deck really bore the brunt of it.  It ripped up off the velcro tabs that held it to the frame.  It only cost $80… but it would be nice if we could just buy the fabric again.

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