Here comes Santa Claus…

Happy December!
We spent a great Thanksgiving with Teresa’s family visiting.  Amanda & girls, Bradley, David, Mallery, Larry & Carolyn filled the house.  We made two turkeys… one fried and one roasted.  Both were delicious.  I used a brining recipe I got off the internet that had brown-sugar and salt along with onions, carrots, and peppercorns.  We made two to make sure we had leftovers for sandwiches and the leftovers are just about gone.  We had plenty of other food, too, and the leftovers have finally made it out of the fridge.
Teresa and I have been discussion house decorations for Christmas… I feel slow because so many houses are already decorated around here!  Thanksgiving weekend must be the weekend to decorate, but I haven’t even gotten the tree out of the attic  yet.  We haven’t decided exactly where to put it yet.  I’m lobbying for the basement, but it’ll probably end up upstairs again, since that’s where the fireplace is.  Imagine Santa coming down the … oh wait, we have a gas fireplace with no chimney.  Well, anyway… still traditional to have it near the fireplace.
We’re all better from our sicknesses, but there is a flu bug going around that Mallery came down with yesterday.  Hopefully it doesn’t spread.  David may have had a touch of it the week before, so we’ll see.  I didn’t make it into my office in order to get my flushot this year.
Work is picking up.  I’m being given some more tasks to do, and it’s good stuff.  Had lunch today with my old team-members and listened to the issues they’re going through… phew, glad I’m not doing frontline support anymore.
I drew up the designs for a castle fort today for the boys.  I need to price it out… since it’s a castle it has a lot of plywood on it.  I wonder if there’s another way I can do it to make it castle-ish without the plywood because that’ll be pretty expensive.  Maybe I’ll just make bannisters and frame the castle ramparts.  Maybe use some canvas or something instead.

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