A case of the crud

Well, I think it’s officially official today, that I’m sick.  It’s been off in the background, almost there, but not really.  Today it’s hit me full bore.  Nothing serious, just the draining nose, kind of a hacking cough and some body-aches.  I’m medicating the symptoms, and have been in bed most of the day until a couple hours ago.  But mostly that’s because with my work laptop I can actually ‘work’ from bed.

It’s good that I actually have ‘work’ to do, too.  Nothing much, but something to pass the time in between naps.

Winter-time is settling in, blecch.  I hate the cold.  If only I had known I’d be working from home so much I would have moved to Florida in a split second.  Now we’re settled in, with friends and all.  Tyler and Cameron’s heart would be broken if we moved again.  He still has a hard time when we leave their house!  He gets pretty upset when it’s time to go home.  We’ve been giving him 30 minute warnings and time to prepare but it’s usually an argument about spending the night as we’re dragging him home.

Speaking of nights… his nights have been dry lately.  I had had a feeling that he was just using his pull-ups as laziness, either before he went to bed as he was reading or in the mornings when he was waking up, and he said something like that himself.  This last time he asked to spend the night at Zack’s I had pointed out we weren’t prepared, no night-clothes, etc.  So maybe this can be a bit of motivation for him and it seems to be working.

Let’s see… what else is going on… Democrats took back the House and the Senate for the first time since what, 1993?  A big deal is being made of it but I don’t really think it’ll change life much.  If anything I look forward to the campaigns the Republicans will wage to get back into office since they’ll once again be issue-driven.  They sure didn’t do much with the majority while they had it.  The 2008 election should be interesting, but I’m fairly certain we’ll be seeing a Democratic President then.  Maybe in 2010 we’ll see a real good issue-driven campaign.

Been having fun with poker… making money playing these tournaments still.  I’m really liking them and think I’m getting purty good at’em when the cards come at me right.  I skipped poker last week to take Aurora back home, but I should be able to make it tomorrow if I’m feeling better.

The only thing is these tournaments take so much time when I’m playing
them.  A 90-man tournament I won took almost 3 hours!  The 45-mans
usually take me more than an hour when I make it into the money, which
is about a third of the time.  I’ve got enough confidence now I’m
moving up to the $5 entry fee tournaments.

I’m borderline giving up on my novel idea, although I’ve gotten a new idea that make take it a new direction, and away from the stagnant area.  Maybe make it more interesting, too.  But I’m WAY behind in word-count.  We’ll see.

Some interesting places I’ve been on the internet this week:

Live 24-hour streaming camera on an African water-hole
Wikipedia entry on ‘fox’ since Cameron got a stuffed fox on their field trip to Amicola Falls (since we wanted to know if it was a dog)
Awesome show I’ve started TiVO’ing called ‘The Naked Archaeologist’
A New Numa video!


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