All better, and sick

My shoulder is feeling much better these days. I’ve been making sure to sleep with it straight, and I think the pad on my desk is helping as well. I still feel like there’s something in there that’s a little tender, especially with the boys on my lap and when they adjust themselves by pushing their head back into my shoulder to lift their butt. Works fine on the right side.. the left side is still tender. I must have pulled something in there that’s just taking a while to heal.

So on that front, I’m getting better. But most of the males in the household are sniffly, sneezy, and/or hacking. Some kind of crud going around seems to have settled in us. Mostly in Tyler, poor kid. As I’m typing this on my laptop in bed he’s in the other room coughing. He’s asleep, somehow, but coughing alot. And that’s WITH cough medicine in him. Of course we all know cough medicine doesn’t really work, right? It’s been working before, and as long as he’s asleep I guess there’s no use waking him.

Looks like Nortel is finally going to take my pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. Got an e-mail this week saying the reverse-split was voted on by shareholders and a 10-for-1 reverse split is coming. Once they do that the share’ll probably lose half it’s value again, since nobody on Wall Street will ever invest in Nortel again, so my options aren’t worth the electrons they’re printed on. Don’t know how much this changes, but it was kind of nice to think that you might get a bonus in a few years.

I’m trying to do a National Novel Writing Month. Name there is kingotter. Hard on many levels. Hard finding the time (supposed to do 1500 words a day, I’ve done almost 3000 so far and it’s the 9th)… hard finding the STORY I want to tell. I seem to be spending so much of my time describing. But I need to just get over that and keep going. I’m too picky about it, and the whole idea of writing a novel in a month is you get past that and just go through the motions so you can get a feel for the process end-to-end.

Poker’s been fun… been playing in tournaments called ‘Sit-n-gos’ where as soon as a certain number of people sign up you start the tournament. They’re $1 to enter (plus .25 ‘fee’), and they have 9, 45, and 90 people in them. I’m getting into the money about half the time, so I’m actually making money at them. What I like is they last about an hour or so a piece (sometimes 2) and so for a very small amount of money I’m able to play a good bit of poker. I missed my Wed. night game this week because I took Aurora home (she came home with Teresa after Teresa helped Amanda with Bella).

Guess that’s all for now. I’m attaching some of Cameron’s artwork he’s doing in a class he’s taking.  This blog wouldn’t let me attach it, so I put it here.


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