Ten days already?

Doesn’t seem like ten days since the last time I put in an entry… I’m a slacker.

It’s Halloween weekend!  Was going to post pictures of the boys’ costumes since they went to a couple Halloween parties today in costume, but I think T remembered to take the camera, so I’ll post them later.  We have big plans for decorations and everything this weekend.  Hopefully building the stuff will allow Tyler to knock out some Webelo’s requirements, and Cameron some Tiger requirements, too.  If it stops raining… it’s a nasty day today.

Last week I was playing with Harley in the yard, fell and skinned my ankle and fell on my shoulder, too.  Since then I’ve been having some arm pain.  My shoulder was pretty sore for a couple days (and still is, a bit).  But the past few days I’ve been having numbness and pain in my left arm and hand.  I’m not having any shortness of breath or chest pressure, so I’m sure it’s not a heart attack.  And it’s not the whole arm, just forearm and hand.

So with the help of the internets, I narrowed it down to some cubital tunnel issues (due to the tingling in the ring and little fingers… I had to take my wedding band off cuz it was too irritating), but I’m having some carpal tunnel issues in the same hand as well.  I don’t know if they’re related, or maybe when my shoulder was hurt I changed how I leaned on that arm in some way. 

Before I really did my online ‘investigation’ of my symptoms I had decided to build a pad along the edge of my desk (and in fact, completed it earlier today, before starting my investigation).  So hopefully that takes away some of the irritating behavior off my elbow.  Not sure why my thumb and palm are a bit tingly, too.  I’m going to be taking some anti-inflammatories (Tylenol) and keeping my arm straight and relaxed for a while.  I also sleep with my arms curled, and that was on one web-site for causing problems, too.  Especially in the cold I pull the blankets up.

Any doctors or nurses that read this that want to offer any advice, I’m all for it.  If it doesn’t get better in a couple days I’m going to go visit a doctor in person.

We received a holiday care package from Nana and Pops, thanks!  The boys love their new jammies and hung the pumpkin lights in their window.  They also got their Halloween cards and enjoyed them. 

Speaking of care packages, we need to sell some Boy Scout popcorn, too… so I’ll be making some phonecalls to take some orders soon.. 🙂

Teresa’s only teaching classes on one day a week this semester, so hopefully her schedule will become a bit less maniacal.  She’s preparing for a couple weeks of classes because she’s expecting to go down for Amanda’s latest arrival which is expected just about any day (she’s due Nov. 14th or there abouts and was a couple weeks early with Aurora).

Got 5th place again (twice now) in the weekly poker tournament I’m playing down at a sports bar.   You get points each week and the top 10 qualifies you for an end-of-season tournament where you get some money.  Might just be house-cash, but that might not be too bad either.  This week’s was a wildcard tournament for a free seat in the season tournament that just ended, and I didn’t get any decent cards on the final table and went out with a whimper.  But I finished in the 5th twice out of 4 times playing, so hopefully next season I’ll be able to score a decent number of points and play in the end-of-season.  The season is 11 weeks.


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