Excitement, excitement!

This weekend was ‘family camping’ weekend with our Cub Scout pack.  The boys and I went up to Scoutland for a weekend of camping.  I asked those who were rounding up the campers whether or not the platform tents we stayed in last time were going to be there or not, and I was told ‘not’.  All the advertising said to ‘bring your camping gear, tents, etc’.  Strange, I thought… those tents looked rather permanent.  But, ok, maybe they take them down for the winter.  Less wear-and-tear, I guess.  We got there Friday evening and there they were…. oh well.. Cameron wanted to sleep in our tent, so we pitched it and unpacked everything.  We had a nice little setup and were quite prepared for the weekend…. except maybe for adequate clothing.  It was cold.  We had plenty of blankets for sleeping, but we hadn’t completely unpacked our winter gear and the boys didn’t grab their jackets on the way out.  And somehow when I was double-checking Cameron’s suitcase I forgot to put the jeans back in… so he only had one pair of pants.  But we were really only there 1 full day, so that wasn’t SO bad.  Wish we had warmer duds, though.  We had plenty of sweatshirts and such, so the boys just wore like 4 layers and were fine.

The boys got to do woodworking (they made racecars, not Pinewood Derby cars, just hammered together a Lowe’s woodworking project), and leather working where they got to decorate a tomahawk by pounding imprints on them.  Didn’t get to do archery or bb-shooting because over 730 people showed up, and the lines were tremendous. 

We had to cook all our own meals, too.  Friday night we had some ribs and baked beans… Saturday was scrambled eggs and cheese with donuts, BLT’s for lunch (Tyler had a  ham sandwich), and we made hobo meals for dinner.  Hamburger patty with potatoes, cheese, and onions.  That’s actually my version… they were supposed to have cabbage, carrots, potatoes, and other stuff, but I didn’t think they’d eat those.  They barely ate the ones I made.

But the boys got to play around the fire…. in fact that’s what they mostly did.  A South African family is in the pack and they taught a bunch of boys how to play cricket.  So it was a bit odd to be hearing, ‘Can we play cricket again?’ at Cub Scout camp, but we heard it a bunch.  The boys really liked it.  Not mine… my boys were sitting next to the fire poking it.  Oh well.  Well, they DID find some trees to climb, and fall from.  Tyler fell from a nice little branch about 8-9 feet off the ground.  He was dangling from it, swung wrong and landed flat on his stomach/face.  At first I thought he was going to laugh, and then the pain set in and he started sobbing a bit.  Nothing serious, just a bloody lip.

Oh, and someone set out a cup of water Friday night and it froze… so everyone who camped gets a ‘Polar Bear’ patch!

Sunday morning was a dash to get everything torn down before the kids died from hypothermia since we burnt all but a few logs the night before and the fire just wasn’t cutting it.  We were on the road pretty quick, and home around 9am or so.  I seem to have gotten a sinus infection from it, but Tylenol has an awesome pill out now for Sinus Pain & Allergy that clears me right up.  Sunday I had to make it home in time to watch the Auburn-Florida game before I heard any news of it on the radio to spoil it.  I had it recorded, and didn’t want to ruin it.  I made it home, tore everything out of the car (which still needs a trash-collection), and ran in to watch it. Oh, and sent the boys up to get in the bath… since they hadn’t bathed all weekend along with not changing their clothes.  I’m kidding, I made them change their clothes.  As far as the bathing thing, well, I didn’t have room in the car to pack soap and towels.  That’s my story, and I’m sticking to it.

So I made it home, unloaded the car, dashed inside and turned on the Auburn game.  And we won.. woo!  I was scared after the first half, because Auburn defense looked like they didn’t really want to play football, but they came back pretty good in the second half.  Condolences to the UF fans that read this.  But you’ll get another shot in the SEC championship, I hope.

So then Tyler starts complaining that his side is hurting.  About where he landed when he fell out of the tree.  Okay, that’s kind of scary.  It’s tender in that area, and I think I can see a bit of a bruise.  So we put ice on it, give him Tylenol and tell him to lay on the couch and be still.  First thing he does is jump up and run up and go to the bathroom.   Geez, I realize…. he didn’t go all weekend!  It’s a long walk from our campsite, and there was the fire and all… so he goes twice in about 90 minutes and starts doing headstands and stuff again.  He’s fine.

Okay, so I’m all happy cuz Auburn won, and the boys and I are messing around in the basement.  Just the usual horseplay, lifting them over the back of my head, rolling them around… and they’re both on the la-z-boy, and I tip it up and they roll off the back… and SMACK!  Cameron’s head hit a corner of the wall in our basement… I run, put my hand on it, he pulls his away and it’s all red.  U…t…o..h….  TERESA!!   We calm him down, a bit… get the bleeding stopped, clear the hair away… inspect the wound… it’s pretty superficial, but the hair pulls it open.  I see a bit of fatty stuff under it which I recognize from those wonderful operation shows Teresa watches that I can’t stomach.  I say, ‘I think he needs to go to the ER for stitches’  Teresa goes up to get ready, and my world goes a bit dim.  Blast it all… anyone know a cure for passing out when you see wounds?  Anyway, I hold up until Teresa’s ready and they go out and I collapse on the couch taking deep breaths.

Turns out they don’t stitch there since it isn’t a cosmetic issue, so they just stapled it shut.  Shoot, I could have done that… soon as I woke up.  2 staples.  Just an itty bitty cut.  He goes back to get them out next week.

So… then I guilt-out over sending my kid to the hospital by tossing him into a wall.  Great dad, eh?

Monday my sinus infection is full-blown so I spend some of the day in bed.  Today I’m feeling better. 

Teresa has brought Aurora back from the baby shower she went to instead of camping over the weekend.  She’s a dear little thing, but I get a bit frazzled having to get back into toddler mode.  Too many things I do take my full concentration.  Working, reading, playing poker, studying poker… I want to set up a bubble around myself.  The boys are at least at a point where they can wait 30 seconds to a couple minutes for me to finish what I’m doing.  I think Teresa feels that from me, since she took Aurora with her tonight to a Pampered Chef party, rather than leaving her here with me.  It makes me feel bad that I’m so defensive of my time.

So my ‘schedule’ that I’ve wanted to get into is completely out the window.  Every time I set down a schedule the next week completely defeats it and I don’t get anything done that I want to do.  I have started playing some Wednesday night poker at a sports bar which has a season, and at the end of the season they have a tournament.  About 50 people a week play, and last week I came in 5th.  Not bad considering 2 of the top 3 players in the standings started at my table.  I played the week before and was absolutely card dead, and still made it farther than I expected.  Maybe this week I’ll be even more comfortable.  They’re near the midpoint of the season where they have a wildcard tournament for a free seat in the final tournament.  The final tournament offers real cash money prizes.  I think I’ll do rather well, since you get points for making it to the final table.

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