Thrilling month

It really has been quite a routine month this month, I suppose.

Upcoming events:
– Family Campout October 13th, 14th and 15th with scouts.. in the same campground we went this summer, Scoutland
– Business trip to Dallas next week – finally get to meet my boss

The webcam software I was using is ‘free’, but every night at midnight it stops capturing and pops up a window for me to enter a registration key, which costs $19.99.  I don’t suppose I’m going to do that, so that’s probably going to be pretty hit-and-miss.

Been dabbling with a couple more photo sites. Flickr and Webshots.  Webshots is cool because it includes software that changes your desktop and flips through your images in a screensaver.  I just re-joined myphotoalbum for a year, so I’m not moving from there.  Heavens I don’t want to think about uploading all those pictures again.

I’m trying to start a reading time every day so that I can start reading time… after dinner, during sunset out on my porch.  I want to read more.

I’ve turned off the EQ account, so hopefully I can spend more time doing constructive things.  Well, real-life constructive things.  I was constructive in EQ, it was just all virtual.  I’ve got about 4-5 things that I want to build around the house.  Shelves for the boys, a satellite box-holder that positions it correctly so the remote works better, a TV-stand for the upstairs TV, a better play table for the boys down here in the basement.  Of course other projects are still around… I need to do the lighting for the suspended ceiling.  I can do it now, before the ceiling since it hangs independently, and we certainly need better lighting down here.

But, alas, it IS football season.  I’ve actually been watching NFL games this year.  Tampa looks horrible, like they’ve forgotten how to play.  Atlanta looks pretty good.  And Auburn is ranked #2 (or #3 depending on which poll, but I like #2 better so I’m going with that one)!  Auburn survived a tough LSU team last week with a questionable call.  All weekend was kind of a controversial weekend for officials.

My MAIN reason for turning off my EQ account is that I want to write, and I needed time to do it.  Right now my first step is reading… alot.  Get back in touch with the narrative.  Soon I’ll schedule some daily time, like I do with my reading.  I’ve got a couple ideas floating in my head… well, I’ve always had ideas for stories in my head, just never took the time to write down anything.  We’ll see how it goes.


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