Back to Pack

Since school’s back in session, Cub Scouts is back in session, too.  We spent Saturday at a local park on Lake Lanier with the rest of the pack doing a grill-out.  We went for a bit of a hike, although under much duress we turned around early.  I wasn’t wearing hiking shoes, so we had to turn back early.  They complained about turning back, but were saying how tired they were before we made it back to the starting point so I think overall it was good.  The entire trail is 5 miles, and I want to go back and do it with them another time, but I was wearing flip-flops and we weren’t prepared with water bottles, etc.  We probably did walk a little bit more than a mile, though, with a lot of learning along the way about the rocks, the trails, the land around us.

I captured some video of the beach, and might make a small video just for family’s sake.  No big production, just the boys playing on the lake beach.  I’ve already got it in the computer, just need to trim it a bit.

The boys’ school is in full swing and T is spending a couple days a week up at the Georgia Enrichment Center teaching a chemisty class, and animals class.  The other days they school here, and are really making a lot of progress.  T is really busy, all the time with schooling.  She went to a conference this past weekend, while we were at the cookout.

My boss said to me today, ‘Alert the family, your time is coming.’  So it sounds like I’m going to get busy with work soon. Starting with a trip out to Dallas next week.  I think it’ll be nice to have a purpose to my days again.  Maybe this is a management ploy… get them bored so when you give them something to do they’ll leap at it like a starving hyena.

I’m down almost 3 lbs so far… but I’ve got to control myself on the weekends better.  Snack, snack, snack… and beer doesn’t help either.  I pretty much gave up beer last time but this time I’ve been drinking light beer.  Hopefully with all my working out it evens out.

Watched some interesting documentaries this weekend.  We turned on HBO and Showtime since I’m turning off EverQuest (I didn’t really decide to stop playing… I just stopped), and I’ve been TiVO’ing anything that looks interesting.  One was about the tribunals they’re putting together in Rwanda to try the genocide murderers.  Their ‘prison’ consisted of a building with bars on the windows, but the yard was contained by just a pole across the road.  At one point the prisoner’s families were having a hard time working the fields and travelling to feed the prisoner, too, so they let the prisoners travel home to get their food.  It’s pretty interesting, since the government doesn’t have time to try everyone they’re setting up local tribunals to take care of the massive number of cases.  The other documentary was about the gangs in south central L.A.

The Auburn game was on while the cookout was going on, so I TiVO’ed that, too, and came back and watched it.  I turned the radio off on the way home so I didn’t accidentally hear the results.

Had a good Sunday with poker.  On the forums I frequent there is a standing ‘challenge’ called the 15 big-bet challenge.  You start out with 15 bets at a low level and each time you earn 15 big bets for the next higher level you move up and play higher limits.  I started at .50/1.00 limits, and made it up to $3/$6 limits before I decided to pocket my winnings.  I made over $100.

I guess that’s all for now… another boring blog.


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