Labor Day, Weight Watchers, Poker

It’s Labor Day weekend.  When I was working tickets Labor Day was a floating holiday, and I had to ask for it off but now I just get it off.  They’ve actually finally taken me off the queue so I don’t get alerts now whenever a ticket comes in.  Nice.

Talked with my boss about my lack of stuff to do, and having a hard time finding more things to do, and he said ‘Enjoy it while it lasts’.  That’s good news.  He’s been extremely busy with a lot of different projects, and some high-visibility projects that I’m peripherally involved in at the moment.  I’m sure things will pick up this week.

We spent the past couple days cooking out and playing cards with J and D.  It was fun, but I think somewhere I lost track of the whole Weight Watchers thing because when I stood on a scale this morning I was 200 lbs.  I’m sure most of that is just liquid weight, but still… I had lost 2.6 this past week at Weight Watchers and it will be aggravating to have gained this week.  But maybe I need it to bring it home to me that I need to plan a bit more for my weekends.  Not to mention the beer.

I actually had a car this past week and I felt human again.  I’ve been driving down to the office in order to walk on the treadmill, as well as getting my haircut, my cellphone fixed (the camera wasn’t working)…. anyway, just lots of stuff.  Still one errand I need to make is to go get the weedeater fixed.

Thrilling blog this week, isn’t it.

Poker has been awesome.  I had been rather blaise about it and had been playing a lot of break-even poker.  So I knuckled down, studied my play a bit and have been concentrating on playing well, and it’s really paid off.  I feel very good about my poker game these days.  I’m almost to the point of moving up to the next levels.  Maybe by Christmas I’ll be playing $2/$4.  At those levels it is a bit easier to take a bit here and there for house needs.

Only other new thing is I’ve sorta setup a webcam…  During the day you’ll probably be able to see me at my computer, ‘working’.  It’s semi-permanent since it uses our video camera.  I had it plugged in making Tyler’s video and it came up as available so I downloaded a quick web-cam program to set it up.

Well, I think Teresa wants to watch a movie, so I’m gonna put this up.  Sorry it’s so boring.


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