Live, from Homeland GA

Spending the week at Teresa’s parents house down here in Homeland, GA.

While driving down I looked at the odometer and saw we had driven about
140 miles, and looked at the clock and we’d been on the road about 3
hours.  I groused a bit to Teresa, (‘We’ve only gone 140 miles!  We’re
not going to get there until 2am!’), frowned and clicked the
‘accelerate’ on the cruise control a couple notches.  Hey, 2 miles an
hour more means something on long trips.  Meanwhile the boys were
watching a school DVD talking about Lewis and Clark, and how they’d
be lucky to go 14 miles a day up river pushing their supplies upstream
in a boat.  I clicked the cruise control back down a couple notches.

We did shop, gas, pickup A&A, and get food in those 140 miles, so we were doing pretty good, I guess.

Been working while down here, too, so I have effectively proven my mobile-office theory.  The only thing I have to do, really, is get a more compact computer.  Lugging around this desktop and monitor is quite a chore, but it is nice to have all my stuff here.

My work laptop is actually due to be replaced, and I’m just waiting on
the final ‘come get it’ e-mail in order to go get it.  I’ve already gotten the ‘You’re laptop is going to be replaced!’ email, and the ‘Go fill out this form’ email, and ‘Your laptop has arrived’ e-mail, but I haven’t gotten the ‘Come and get it’ e-mail.  I’m excited.  I
don’t know if I should be or not, but this’ll be the newest computer
I’ve gotten in a long long time.

The settlement for Teresa’s accident came in…  we’re not sure if the figure we were given was pre-fees or post-fees.  He said he was putting the check in the mail so hopefully the questions’ll be answered when we get back.  But it might be enough to put one of the kids’ cars back on the road.  Hopefully.

T took her cell phone in to get it looked at because it has such lousy signal strength and they told her that it was easier just to buy a new phone for $50 then fix that one, so she did.  Hers does video (nice grammar, Art) and all kinds of things, and I was jealous so I signed into Verizon and saw I was eligible for an upgrade.  So I did.. =)  I got one with an MP3 player in it so I can download music to it.  Teresa’s plays MP3s, too, so I recorded some of her homeschool seminar CDs into MP3s and copied them to her phone.

We spent Sunday at the beach, and everyone got kinda blistered, so we haven’t been back, although everyone’s going to go again today (not me, I’m working).  That was a nice treat, not having to lug everything to the sand.  I have some neat pictures of it… we got complaints when we parked in one spot too long because we ruined their view.  Personally I’m thinking our van looks pretty awesome on the beach, but there’s no accounting for taste, so we moved it.  Good thing, too… the tide moved in later and we had to scramble to move our chairs.  Three times.  Woulda been a bad thing for the water to wash up around the (brand new) tires of the van.

That’s my next step… to be able to work from the beach itself.  Whoa, wouldn’t that be cool.  I could do it now, probably… just a broadband cellphone card.

We’re staying down here tonight, and going back home tomorrow evening.  It’s a quick drive compared to the others I’ve done lately so we can leave after I get done working tomorrow and not get home too late.


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