Chicago Trip – Arion Party

My guild-members that live in the Chicago area were throwing a party, everyone was invited.  T had a homeschool conference for the weekend, so I said I wouldn’t be able to make it.  This apparently was unacceptable, so they got together and sent a bath-basket from ProFlowers to T in order to effect my escape.  Our only issue with me going at that point was money.  We scraped together some gas money, and away I went.

The plan was to drive up overnight Thursday to be there about mid-day Friday.  That way I could still sign in to work e-mail in case something came up while I was on the road.  Yeah, I took my computer… my big desktop along with my huge 19" monitor.  Tossed them in the trunk.  I had hoped to catch some sleep Thursday afternoon but the sun shines directly into our bedroom, and my ear was catching too much house activity.  I finally was able to get a bit of sleep in the deep dark basement, with the boys playing computer games on headsets… not much, a couple hours.  About 11:30pm I gave up and finally hit the road.

I did pretty good, except for about 3am I decided I was making much too good of time, and decided that I was going the wrong way and back-tracked 40 miles.  Didn’t see the turnoff I thought I missed so I stopped and bought a map.  Ahh well, I was going the right way the first time.

The awesome thing about driving at night is you get to listen to Coast-to-Coast.  The overnight paranormal radio show that used to be hosted by Art Bell and is now hosted by George Noory.  These guys are great, because they listen to these incredible stories and never fail to say, ‘wow!’  I’m a skeptic by nature, but the show embraces everything so openly it’s hard not to love.  Tonight I was in for a special treat as Linda Moulton Howe of Earthfiles relating a story brought to her by a friend of an Air Force flight surgeon that was present during alien autopsies.  It was an incredible, and riveting story.  At 4-5am, with nothing but a dark ribbon of road rolling under you it’s a neat experience.  Like living in a different world.

Unfortunately it ended at 6am.  At 6:21am I was begging for the sun.  PLEASE sun, rise!  I’ll be fine when it rises.  It didn’t rise at 6:22a, so I pulled off and caught a quick nap.

Hit the south side of Chicago, and from that point until T&T’s house I think I averaged 7 mph.  Nasty construction traffic.  Chicago was founded in 1833, and they’re still not done with it.  You go on the toll road thinking it’d be less traffic, but it wasn’t  So I paid about $5-6 to sit in bumper-to-bumper traffic.  Nice.  I’m not hardened to traffic anymore, since my commute consists of counting steps rather than miles.  It drove me a little insane.

So I made it to T&T’s house and within 5 minutes had my computer up and on the internet, and I had a feeling kinda like when you stay underwater too long then come up for a breath.  Ahhhhh….  nothing pressing at work.

The weekend was great fun, although I ate tons of bread and bread-related products (pizza, sandwiches, McDonald’s).  Saturday morning was spent waiting for another guy to show up from PA (his train was delayed, by traffic, as it works out.  Chicago has all kinds of traffic evidentally).  He finally showed up around beer-time, and a bit later we headed out to the party house.

Sunday was a bit of a recovery day, and we spent the day all playing EQ2 from T&T’s den… it was very cool doing quests together in the same room.

Monday morning I bugged out and drove back home.  Got in about 10pm.  Was reminded we’re driving to T’s parents this weekend (Friday afternoon).  Oh… more driving… yay.


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