I think I ate some rancid butter at dinner tonight and the idea of it is making me sick.  I keep smelling it, which is unfortunate because if I had smelled it before I ate it I probably wouldn’t be feeling this way right now.

Couple things to add to my scout entry:

1. It  must have been water weight I lost, because it came back almost overnight.

Okay, so it was only one thing.  I thought I had another but I can’t think of it now.

We all went to a park nearby called Poole’s Mill on Sunday.  A creek runs over some rocks and has a bit of a gentle rapid going down the slope.  The boys rode down them in inflatable pool floats.  I didn’t have my camera, grr.  Harley was with us and he had great fun chasing sticks I threw up and down the rapids, through the water.  Uggh, I said ‘threw up’.  My stomach just churned.

I think I’m going to have my first losing month in poker since I started playing again.  I’m having a horrible run of cards, and everyone else seems to be hitting the cards they need to beat me.  We’ll see if my bankroll can hold out long enough to get through it.  It’s pretty discouraging but I don’t think I’m playing badly.  There are some online sites you can use to measure the hands you’re playing and whether you’re betting when you’ve got the best hand, and I’m betting at the right times.  The other guys are just getting the cards they need.  It all evens out in the long run, but the trick is having a big enough bankroll to make it through the long-run.  Unfortunately this means it has been demoted to a ‘past-time’ rather than ‘income generator’.  Oh well. 

My friends in EverQuest are throwing a party in Chicago this weekend.  They sent Teresa a bath basket from ProFlowers so that she’d let me go, but that really wasn’t ever the question.  She said I could go, but we desperately need tires on the vehicles, so the timing isn’t great, money-wise.  Good time for poker to be on the fritz.

I finally got my charger/battery back from the very same friends… looked at my camera and I have 9 minutes of video and the battery had died 3 times.  I must have been hitting rewind and taping over everything each time or something.  I’m a master of technology.  Maybe now I can get more practice with it.

Ahh well… I think I’m going to go torture myself a bit longer at the poker tables.  Whee!


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