Empty-ish House, Camping

Not much to add… we seem to have emptied the house this weekend and it’s just Teresa, me and the boys now. Even David’s been pretty scarce.

Had a good time yesterday with Dave and Julie… stayed up too late, which made today drag a bit.

Poker has been very mean to me lately. I know it’s the luck factor, but I’m getting close to running out of money, meh. So I have to move down stakes and play the cheaper tables until I win enough to try at the higher levels again.

Going to Boy Scout camp Wednesday through Saturday this week. Should be interesting. Unfortunately our air-mattress is loaned out, so I’m not sure what I’ll sleep on. I’m hoping they have the platform tents like the scout camp we went to the year before last about Halloweenie time. If not I may take the two single-man tents Amanda gave the boys for Christmas and I’ll sleep in one and Tyler in the other. Need to go do some shopping… get batteries and stuff for 3 nights worth of flash-light reading. That’ll be nice.

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