Long time no type

Wow, it’s been a while.  Time has been flying by…  Let’s see if I can remember everything that’s been happening.

I didn’t go to Florida to visit my parents.  Mom’s recovery was spectacular, and they were planning on spending a long weekend away somewhere so I didn’t make it down there.  I hope their weekend went well, I need to call them.  I haven’t spoken to them in more than two weeks probably.

I just implemented my weight goals, umm, yesterday.  Heh.  Started out at 193, ouch.  That’s 15 pounds more than the last weigh-in at Weight Watchers.

Poker’s up and down, as always.

The job hasn’t really kicked in, although it’s getting closer.  Still spending a lot of time waiting on other people to do things before I can do my part.

We’ve had some house guests, in the meantime.  Teresa’s old time friend Rebecca and her family came to live with for a while as they’re moving into the area.  Her husband David just retired from the Army and they’re looking to setup here, moving from the DC area.  They didn’t stay very long, 4-5 days, but were fun to be around.

On the 3rd we went to the local fireworks, and they were great.  Got some pictures, but I need to take a tripod to take pictures of fireworks.  Got some on a movie, I’ll try to upload those..  Spent the 4th of July at Julie’s sister’s pool.  Had a good time there.  We actually called it a night kind of early, coming home around 11:30pm that night.  I was still pretty tire the next day from the day of sun, swimming and horsing around in the pool with the boys (and girls).

The week was when Rebecca and David visited, and we spent a couple of the next week at the pool with Julie and David.  I spent one night playing EQ until 5am, which wiped me out purty good last Friday.

So while we haven’t been doing anything too major, it’s been very busy.  Right now Kyle’s ex-stepmom is visiting him and staying with us, and Amanda and Aurora are up for the time being, too.  So as usual, it’s a full house, and we keep going.. =)


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