End of the month

Well, it’s coming up on the end of June. July 4th is coming up, and
we’re going to do the usual July 4th cook-out at Bobby’s house on the
4th proper. Have some friends coming over the weekend before, or maybe
we’re go to a pool (Julie’s sister manages a big apartment complex with
a lovely pool)… the plans haven’t been set in concrete yet. Dave and
Julie are moving this week so we’ve been avoiding them…er… I mean,
they’ve been busy.

I hope I can make it all the way through this
without destroying my keyboard. I need to run out and get a cheap
one. I’ve been telling people I think my keyboard is union. It only
works when it wants.

Kyle’s been here for a couple weeks now,
and the boys just love the constant companionship with someone other
than their brother. It’s good cuz he likes to play outside more than
they do, so he gets them out and active a bit more. Which means it’s
been a summer of skinned elbows, chins, toes. Tyler lost skin off his
elbow and we’re thinking it maybe the first time he’s skinned hisself,
other than a toe.

End of the month is always a good time to
evaluate goals, too. I’ve been doing horrible on the weight. I can
see how this can become obsessive, worrying about every thing going
into your mouth. So in June, I didn’t worry… =) Yah, I completely
broke the diet and stopped going to WW. I’m not quite ready to go
back, but I do want to wrangle myself back into better eating. So in
July (aside from the 4th festivities, of course), I’m going to follow
the Core plan for WW. And instead of going and weighing in every week,
I’m going to track it instead. This will keep me accountable and
motivated to keep going. I need to find a way to mollify the ‘always
hungry’ feeling I get between lunch and dinner.

Here’s my June
in Poker.. profitable, but had a couple downswings that is the luck of
poker. I stopped playing 1/2 because I started having a bit of bad
luck and didn’t want it to go through my whole bankroll. I expect in
the long run my bb/100 for .5/1 will be about 3-4bb/100.

I had a rough night last night (see the big V dip and back up at the
end of the graph, you may have to rt-click image and say ‘view image’) where I lost a full-house to 4 of a kind… but got
it within reason.

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