Mom, Summertime, Poker

Mom’s got quite a healin’ goin’ on.  I called yesterday and she was getting back from a nail appointment!  So it doesn’t look like I’ll be needing to go down to Florida.  Our July is perty durn full with Boy Scout camp, Enrichment Center Camp, and other things Teresa has going on.. so it would have been a tough fit, but we would have made it fit.  That reminds me, I need to ask for Boy Scout time off from work.

But now it looks like it may be August before we make it down there.  Oh well.

Summertime is sure on us.  It’s HOT hot hot.  Today sitting in the garage waiting for people to come exchange books, furniture, and trinkets for shiny quarters (an everything is .25 yard sale) sweat was … let me find the correct phrase… it wasn’t rolling out… it wasn’t pouring out… I honestly felt as if someone had a hose on top of my head and the water from the hose was cascading down my head.  Of course a lot of that is probably because I got caught up in a group last night in EQ2… with people from California.  That’s dangerous.  I left the group, logged off, walked upstairs to shower and Teresa was putting on her makeup to go to her seminar.

Well, it got better (the sweating) and I made sure to stay adequately hydrated, since I had a lot of yardwork to do while waiting for the bearers of the shiny quarters.  I spread about 20 bales of pinestraw around our front beds.  I finished up the front two beds and then came in to get cooled off, showered, and sent the boys outside to watch the store for a while.

Later the boys and I attempted to weed-proof our hill by putting down newspaper, hosing it down, then putting pinestraw on top of that.  That was insanely difficult, and we got about half done before I threw in the towel.  We were all covered in mud, dirty bits, and hot.  I figured they had earned some video-game time since none of them complained at all while working so hard in the yard.  None of THEM, that is.. =)  They did good work

So I took a shower again… my third of the day.

We’re about to go to Dave and Julie’s new house to play some cards, so I’m drinking some coffee.

Oh yeah, I was going to talk about poker, too… June has been a difficult month.  Poker is such an interesting game, and seeing how I see metaphors in a lot of things, I see a lot of comparisons with poker and life.  For instance, even if you get dealt great cards, it doesn’t mean that you’re going to get a big payoff.  Chances are pretty good, but you still have to play them right, and avoid putting in too much when they’ve turned bad.  And sometimes you can get trash cards in the right position, and they can turn out to be a decent money-maker.  So anyway, poker has been hard this month.  Pretty up and down, but mostly down.  It seems I was faced with a lot of hard decisions on the table.  And then, the past couple days, poker is easy, and my hands have played themselves, earning me back all the money I’ve lost during the hard days, and more.

I’m learning so much about the game this time… I’m doing so much more than playing the cards, and the board.  I get more of a feeling for the player, and what they’re doing and why they’re doing it, and what cards they have… it helps me get away from bad hands (when I listen to myself), and stick with winners a bit longer.  It’s fun.

Alrighty, that’s all for now… we gotta run.

2 Responses to Mom, Summertime, Poker

  1. Vinny says:

    I am a good player in poke games.

  2. Vinny says:

    super player

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