Mom’s Doing Good, Father’s Day Weekend

Okay, I think I’m recovered enough from the weekend, now.

Friday we loaded the van to the gills with camping supplies, and headed over to Lake Allatoona near Red Top Mountain in order to go camping.  One of these days we’re going to have to get a trailer, because I don’t know how we’ll manage it when we get a smaller vehicle.  The van was over-stuffed. 

We got there early Friday afternoon and began unloading and building.  Dad called to let me know that Mom was doing great, and recovering, and to give some input on when to come visit to help out.  Since then they’ve released her on Sunday and so she’s already home, and already off her liquid diet!

We went camping with Dave and Julie, and another family David and Tracey.  It was Tracey and the kids’ first time camping.  One reason for going camping was that they planned on holding their co-op for the week while camping. 

Friday night we had steak, and I used my new branding iron on them.. 🙂  That’s pretty neat… but I don’t think the charcoal was hot enough where I could reach it.  I took a picture of the result.  We went on a nature hike at night… well, it started at dusk and became night pretty quick.  The ranger that took us around pointed out a lot of different things in the forest… bent trees, pine beetles trees, frog ages, old home-sites.  Evidentally the park only became a park in the 50’s, and people were living there, so he showed us features that pointed out the roads, probably gardens, etc.  And the fact that very few trees there were older than 50 years.

And of course we had the requisite campfire on Friday night.  We laid out the ground-rules and the boys poked and prodded it all night and had a lot of fun with it.  Campfires are the best part of camping.

Tracey taught the co-op on Saturday, and they learned about how some liquids are heavier than others and made little rainbows with straws.  It was pretty cool.

Saturday we went to the beach.  I didn’t take enough pictures, because I should have taken a picture of the stairs we had to traverse (and bring coolers down) in order to get to the beach.  It was a HUGE flight of stairs.  While going down I decided to take the hill instead of the stairs with my cooler-on-wheels, and basically it dragged me down the hill with it while I skated on the rocks in my flip-flops and on my butt.  Nobody saw me do it, though.  We had to leave Harley in the van, unfortunately, and I parked it in the shade.  But this meant I had to go up and down those stairs to check on him a couple times… and to use the bathroom.  And the water was really really low.

We went back to the campsite for a late lunch, and afterwards wandered down to the lakeshore (not to the beach) to go ‘fishing’.  Dave had brought their fishing gear, but I didn’t bother to round ours up… I think it’s time to start over for our fishing gear cuz everything’s in pieces and broken.  But anyway, I took Harley and he jumped in the water and we played quite a bit of fetch, with him jumping in the water and getting the balls.  The kids ended up swimming in their clothes, and found a huge piece of styrofoam that must have broken off a dock or something, and played on it.  There were a couple rocks they could swim out to, and jump off of, too.  Even Cameron made it out there.  I didn’t take my camera, unfortunately… but it might have been a good thing.  I went a step too far into the water myself and almost lost my flipflop.

They enjoyed that so much they went back Sunday morning.  They liked that better than the beach.

So Sunday we began tearing down while Dave took the kids back down to go ‘fishing’/swimming.  Took a few hours, but we got it all loaded again.  We were a little late leaving.  Check-out is 1pm, and we made it out about 2pm.

All-in-all it was a lot of fun… the Friday night hike made my legs sore all weekend, coupled with those stairs to the beach and I felt like I was at boot camp.

Oh, and Monday, Harley went out an open door again and I had to go get him from the next neighborhood over… I need to do some training on him not to go out open doors, for sure.


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