Theme for the summer: Harley’s Gone

So at 6:45am this morning I hear, "Daddy, Harley’s gone again."  That’s how I like to be woken up.

Last night we drove to the airport to pick up our nephew, Kyle.  He’s 13, and the boys adore him.  He’s a real good kid.  He flew in from Italy, where he’s living with his Dad (Teresa’s brother).  He took Harley for a walk this morning, and Harley pulled out of his collar and ran off.

So I’m being a bit grumpy this morning.  Maybe a bit surly.  The more I think about it the more frustrated I get.

It’s like a rejection that your dog doesn’t think enough of you to stay around.  Is it really so bad that you have to run away?  I’ve been playing with him… ok, it’s been a couple days since he and I went for a walk because it was my birthday, and I stayed up too late playing Halo 2 my birthday night so I was too tired yesterday.  But he’s always on the couch with me when I’m playing, and I scratch him behind his ears during the cut scenes.  He seems to like it.

Then the kids thought it was a good time to ride bikes… 7am in the morning.  Ride bikes, and have the chain fall off so I have to fix it (I decided to try to tighten the back wheel this time.. the chain falls off quite a bit).  So at 7am I’m sitting in the driveway, wrestling with a back-tire and a chain, thinking about the fact that we’re going camping this weekend, and Florida next week, and my dog has run away with no collar on.

And did I mention the sun is at just the right angle to blind people, and this is a good time to ride bikes?  OK, ok, I know that’s asking a bit much, but it’s 7 AM!!  The kids don’t usually wake up much before 9.

Don’t get me wrong… I know Kyle was doing a good thing… he was walking the dog, who obviously wanted to go out.  Plus I had had Harley out the night before with no leash and he stuck around, went potty and came back in, which he does for me (and only me).  I’m not mad at him… I’m mad at the situation… dog gone, no collar, we’re about to spend a lot of time away from home, bike repair at 7am.

At least I can afford to be… My mom’s surgery went great, she’s already up and around, taking walks, and is mostly out of pain (I’m sure there’s still some, I mean, it was surgery), and should be on liquids soon.  That’s an incredible relief, and I can’t wait to get down there.

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