Dream world

Ever feel completely out of control of everything that’s going on around you?  Somehow I’ve got that feeling lately.  I can’t really describe what’s out of control… just in general.  I just feel like I’m living in a dream world.  Maybe it’s because I haven’t been sleeping to good lately.  My nights seem to have a lot of interruptions.

Teresa’s back was out of commission last week so I ran the house for a week.  I don’t know how she does that week after week… laundry, food, picking up the house, getting her to her physical therapy appointments, and other appointments.  I tell ya, I was ready for a break by the weekend.

Friday night we had some friends come over (Julie and Dave) and we played Spades… it was great fun.  They’re very quickly becoming good friends.  And the boys have very similar interests so it works out very well.

Saturday we went to the lawyer to get the ball rolling for Teresa’s accident.  He seemed very capable, and very busy.  Not a desperate lawyer type, and he was quick and to the point with his questions and information gathering.  He estimates 3 months, iirc.

Sunday I mowed the yard and did general stuff outside, and came in and told Teresa to give Julie and Dave a call and invite ourselves over to their pool.  It did good to get Teresa up and moving a bit (she had remarked she wasn’t sure sitting and laying were the best thing at the moment).

Her physical therapy has started to include massage, and she’s feeling a lot better.  The consensus now is some cartilege or something in her hip area may have popped out when she was lifting Aurora.  I don’t know if it’ll be part of the crash settlement if it’s not related to her back and complications from a whiplash.

She’s getting around a whole lot better, though… thank goodness.  I can go back to my lazy ways.

Harley escaped again… took him out the deck door, and then came in the basement door and I didn’t go up to close the deck door.  I saw it when I was walking in and said to myself, ‘I need to go close that’, but didn’t, and got distracted.  So Harley was gone about 3 days in all.  I had checked animal control and everything.  Yesterday Teresa and the boys made some posters and were driving putting them up when they spotted a poster someone else had put up about him.  I got him yesterday evening, so he’s back.

Now for the worrisome news…My Mom’s in the hospital with abdominal pains.  They’ve found something in the MRI and are going in to check it out tomorrow.  They’ve had to cancel plans for a trip up to my Mom’s reunion.  So that’s kind of a wait and see to see what develops.

Guess that’s all for now.  I’m a week from turning 39.  Maybe it’s just mid-life syndrome (oooh, I could have a syndrome!  I’ve never had a syndrome before!).

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