What? It’s the weekend again already?!

Hardly seems possible.  I think I’m still tired from last weekend.  I think I may have gotten a touch of sunstroke or something because I just haven’t felt right all week.  Or maybe it’s the pure exhaustion of trying to do 1/10th of what Teresa usually does during the week…

Her back got hurt again on Monday at the Renaissance Faire.  She was holding a water bottle between her knees and went to put Aurora in a swing and BAM!  BING!  ZOWIE!!  She was in pain.  She could barely sit… I ran around with the kids for a while and did the petting zoo, and playground, and some crafts with them (doggone, just remembred we forgot to go get their clay creatures they made there).  But we didn’t make it to any more shows.  We sat in the pub until it closed (Dave and Mallery were there, too, and were still following the shows) and then rode home.

So Teresa’s been cancelling and rescheduling appointments all week… getting people to fill in for her, or bring us the Super Suppers order that we had already placed (Super Suppers makes all the dishes, and you go and do the last preparation step before cooking, and then freeze them… we usually get about a month or so at a time out of 1 order).  And I’ve been Mr. Mom-ish kinda person.  I’m still working, just working from home and running up making sure the boys aren’t maiming each other, checking on her, then diving back to the basement to do more work.

Speaking of work… started my new job on Wednesday, but didn’t talk to my new boss until today.  I had an inkling of what I should be checking out due to our interview conversation, but he got tied up in conference calls yesterday so I just kind of followed my nose.  For once my nose was on the button, as the stuff I was researching, downloading and reading was the kind of stuff he wanted me to prepare a presentation about, so I dove more vigorously into it today once I found that out.

Another factor keeping us off the phone was getting Teresa to a Doctor.  We went to a rehab clinic and they referred us to a lawyer, since the accident Teresa had a while back, and the whiplash she suffered may have her entire back on-edge, so the injury this weekend may be related to what happened from the accident.  So we’re going to meet the lawyer on Saturday.  We’ll see what we have to pay when all that goes through.  Hopefully the other guy’s insurance’ll give us a settlement on it.  We’re not really litigious folk, but she really hasn’t been right in her back since the wreck, and we need to make sure they pay the appropriate medical bills.

Tomorrow Teresa has some errands (that don’t involve any lifting, because I’m going with her on them) that she needs to do, and more treatment.  Hopefully by next week she’ll be able to get around better… I had to yell at her today for trying to put away a sack of apples I had bought.  I made a point in front of the doctor to say "Two books is too much, right?" and he agreed.

So, I turn around and before I know it Friday is here again, although it may not seem like much of a weekend with the running around we have to do for her pain.  One of these nights I need to get to bed early… instead of (looking at watch) past midnight.

And I still have a load of laundry to pull out before laying down.  Oh, I DO appreciate my wife and all she does for this house… I really do, all the time.  Not just when I have to do it for her.

BTW, I have no photos for this blog because the camera finally bit the dust… and I still haven’t gotten my battery back from my guild-mate.  I’m going to send him an postage-paid empty box I think.


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