Ten Years, and it seems like yesterday

Ten years ago May 25th, Teresa and I exchanged our wedding vows.  I had hoped to have a renewal at 10 years, and I would in a split second, but the timing and everything just didn’t make it so.  We had a nice quiet evening at dinner (mexican, a very commonplace food choice of both of us), and went to see a nice romantic movie, Poseidon, the remake of the Poseidon adventure.

Okay, it wasn’t all that romantic, but the kids were over at our friends Dave and Julie’s house and we had to go pick them up so we couldn’t get too wild.

The good news is my bonus was a bit more than I expected so that relieved some stress off of both of us.

Earlier in the week we decided to invite some people over… well… we need to decide something like that a lot earlier than earlier in the week.  Almost everyone had already made plans, and those who hadn’t (Dave and Julie, you’ll probably be hearing a lot about them and their son Zach, and daughter Emma) came down with sick children this morning, and so couldn’t make it.

So today has been a work work work day for me.  I cleaned up the back under the deck, rehung a towel rack the boys used as a jungle gym, hung a mop rack in the laundry room for Teresa, organized my tool bench a bit by hanging a tool organizer on it (for Father’s day I want a complete drill bit set, so I’m kinda making room for it… Teresa offered to get me a new grill, and yeah, I can use one, but I settled on a new grill-rack for it instead).  Oh, and we put up a canopy over the back deck.  I hope it holds… our wind is really something.  That was a bit of a chore… the boys helped tremendously, but I had to enlist Teresa when a gust almost took it out of my hands.

Teresa’s been busy, too, putting all the books away I brough down from the garage.  We still have boxes and boxes of books up there, but most of the book shelves are down here… I think we found one more tho that I need to bring down, but I think I’m done for the weekend.

We have a busy weekend planned, too…. Julie’s sister has a pool so we’re going over there tomorrow afternoon/evening, and then Monday will be our only shot at the Renaissance Faire this year.  I want to get something to hang on my office wall.

Tuesday’ll be my last day at my current job, which basically means my last day of easy riding.  Wednesday the new job starts and I’m getting excited again.  It’ll be fun to be challenged and have some unknown-ness in front of me, and be able to prove myself (if only to myself) again.

Poker’s been great fun lately… I’ve discovered a game where only 6 people sit at the table and the people play a lot crazier, and it’s a lot easier to make money.  Pretty easy to lose money, too, but it’s a lot of fun.  I’ve been making money, and that’s always fun, too.  Nothing too noticeable… certainly not enough to spend, but just enough so I’m pretty sure I’ll be able to play a while without putting any money in… pretty cool since I was down to about $24 at one point I think (and now over $350).

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