Exhaustion sets in…

What a busy weekend.  I didn’t know what I was in for when Saturday hit…

Saturday started out with Cameron’s soccer game.  It wasn’t an early game, 10am, but we couldn’t find Cameron’s soccer jersey.  How do you lose a soccer jersey?  An ORANGE one at that!  You can just look at a room, and see if an orange soccer jersey is in there, and we couldn’t find it.  Tore apart the house, no jersey.  Who knows… but we did have an orange shirt, so we threw that on him and took off.  A bit late, but we were there. 

It was a pretty good game, and when Cameron remembered he was playing soccer he had some great plays, dribbling, etc.

Afterwards we had a soccer season-end party over at one of his teammates… wow that was a pretty house.  They had rented a huge inflatable slide and the boys had an absolute blast on that.  What a great idea.  Ate too much, the usual kind of party.  We came back home from that and I made some shelves for Amanda’s kitchen to hang above her cabinets so she can put up some of her Panda collection.  The tricky part was figuring out what to use as the shelf brackets, but I settled on angling a 2×4 and making triangles out of them.  They weren’t exactly purty, but they’d do the job.

But that made me late for a bachelor party for a co-worker, Larry ‘Ken’.. 🙂  His name is Larry, but he prefers Ken, but Nortel can’t adapt to the ‘I like my middle name better’ so… well, that’s a long story I guess.  So I headed over to Woodstock for Ken’s party.  That was a lot of laughing, a lot of cutting up… That Ken, he’s a funny guy.  Few of the guys there have played in bands and so there was some great guitar playing as they sat around and kind of jammed.  It was very cool, and I had fun.  Got home about midnight or so…

Sunday we headed to Amanda’s house for her house-warming.  She’s moved down the road a bit, to a house that has a bit more room than her old one.  It a nice house, and there’s an extra room where they built-out the garage.  Got to talk a bit about gaming (her husband and friends play all the same games I do), but mostly ate, hung mirrors, curtain rods, picture frames,  and shelves.  And ate, and hung more shelves… and more shelves, and ate.  And then we went over and visited Tammy and Chris for a while, and went and ate (too much eating!).  We got home about midnight or so… 

Got 8 hours sleep and I feel I could sleep 8 hours more.  Phew…..


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