Take this job….

I got a new job!  I’m moving out of the technical support arena, and more into the product development side of the house.  Technically I’m still a technical support person, and I’ll still be dealing with the same networking equipment that I have been, but I’ll be part of an initiative to simplify the patching/updating process across our stuff.

So what’s that mean?  Aye-dunno… but I’ll know more the end of the month.

Harley was gone for an entire night a couple days ago.  He ran out the front door, maybe even chasing something, when the boys were in the front yard and poof!  He disappeared.  The boys saw him run through a yard but the only thing that direction was a hill full of trees.  I drove around for an hour or so searching for him before it got too dark and I gave it up.  Funny how good stuff and bad stuff can happen at the exact same time.  I was all happy about the job (I had the interview that day, and it had gone extremely well), and BAM!  My dog runs away.  Oh well… he came back the next morning (Tuesday).  I’m just glad nobody stuck him in their fenced in back-yard.

He’s run away a couple times before, and he had a tag with his old owner’s number on it so they got a couple calls before we went out and got a new tag.  But he seems to itch alot under his collar, and at this particular moment we were letting his neck air out, and he didn’t have his collar on.  I thought for sure someone would thank ‘ah-ha!  A free doggie!’  But he managed to stay away from those and make it home.  Phew!

So anyway… I’m a short-timer at work.  I should still be able to work out of my house, in my ‘virtual office’.  I don’t know how much hands-on I’ll be doing.  NO MORE TICKETS!  Man-o-man I’m so happy about that.

The boys went to a wildlife refuge on a field-trip the other day.  It’s run entirely by donations and it’s the animals nobody wants, but they had a good assortment, including a white tiger.  It was a nice day.  I think we had Tyler take most of the pictures, but Teresa took a few.  They’re up on the photoalbum.


One Response to Take this job….

  1. ayla says:

    You have lovely photos
    Have a great day..Ayla

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