Ticks, toilet-hugging, and toys

Seems that everything that happens these days leads to a few more items on the Honey-Do list.

This evening I felt something on my leg… Harley was under my desk and I just figured it was his tail, or maybe the cord to my new (corded because I’m tired of cordless) mouse brushing it… it was persistent enough so that I reached my hand down, felt a small something, and put it on the desk. Whaddya know… a tick!

Luckily I had bought flea, tick and mosquito killer for him earlier in the week, so I applied it to him.. but who’s gonna apply it to ME? I need to see if there’s something I can spray the yard with… I need some serious ant control, too, in the back.

When I was on the road I couldn’t really play EQ2, and I really caught some more poker fever. I had pulled out just about everything from poker, and I’m doing kind of a dumb thing going back and forth between some single-table tournaments and full-ring play. I’m actually doing alright at the full-ring play, and WAS doing well at the single-table tournaments but nose-dived lately. Been playing some very cheap and free tournaments, too, but those frustrate me… you wait an hour for a good hand, push it and some joker with 8-J unsuited flops a full house and you go to the showers. There’s SOMETHING about that tournament game I just don’t get. But until I do the free games and cheap ($1 entry fee) tournaments will have to satisfy my itch.. 🙂

In the bad-news department, I left my notebook on the Delta counter at Washington-Dulles airport. My notebook that had all kinds of odds and ends in it… work notes, house notes, story ideas, just the jots of my daily life. What a pain. But I’ve already got a new one started.

Cameron had a touch of a stomach virus this weekend… Saturday and Sunday he woke up throwing up, but that was all he did all day. I’ve introduced the boys to tangerines (or are they nectarines? I forget) so he ate a couple of those around lunchtime Sat. but that was about it. He missed a soccer game Sat. morning cuz of it. He seemed back to normal later today, though.

We’ve been sorting toys. All the oodles of toys we have stashed around in boxes and bags, we’ve been pulling down to the basement and sorting them, trying to get them to fit in the shelves I built so I can bring the rest of the books and bookshelves down. Took pretty much all weekend, and we’re not done… still have a few more in the garage and upstairs. We have a big bin for donated toys (the boys are really exciting about giving them away), some for Aurora, and a garbage bin full.

Got some bad news in the e-mail about my brother-in-law’s Mom passing away. Our sincere condolences Rick.

That’s all the news for now…

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