Angels, friends, Dulles

This weekend was pretty busy. I don’t have a lot of time since I have to go to the airport to fly to Dulles for the rest of the week for work, but I haven’t posted in a while and we had a really good and busy weekend that I wanted to get up on here.

Saturday we got up really early to go to Cameron’s soccer game. The game was supposed to be at 9, we were supposed to get that at 8:30am, and we did… and the fields were deserted. We had a little rain the day before, but didn’t seem like enough to cancel everything on the fields… we woke up early for nothing. When we got back home I went ahead and mowed the yard. We’ve got some crabgrass popping up and it grows 100 times faster than the regular grass so the yard looks horrible 4-5 days after I mow it. Also sprayed some weed-killer on it that only killed 2-3 weeds (out of the 6-8 different kinds we have growing). Sigh.

Teresa left to go on a library run and other things and she noticed a cannon and soldiers setting up in the memorial park we have here in Cumming, so the boys and I got together real quick and ran up to that. Turns out it was Confederate Memorial Day and the ceremonies were praising their confederate ancestors. Heh, well, umm, oops! Anyway, it still was a nice ceremony, and they fired a 21 gun salute and shot the cannon. So the boys liked that, even if it were a bit chilly and breezy. They got to see what kind of tents the soldiers lived in (when they had them).

While we were out we decided to get haircuts, get a birthday present for Gina (one of their friends that they were going to her part that evening), and eat…. but not in that order. It was actually birthday present, eat, haircuts, and I couldn’t get my haircut cuz we were already late to the party.

Got home and Teresa took the boys to the birthday party while I took a nap, and then woke up to go over to Julie’s house… a mom Teresa has met through the Enrichment Center and has gotten to be compadres with. Before I left Paul calls and says, ‘Hey, let’s go see the Blue Angels! But we have to get there at 6am!’ I say sure, but we backed it off a little bit when we found out the parking lots don’t open until 8am.

Sunday morning I packed up the kids and we went and got Paul and went to the airshow. It was still breezy and chilly. A couple of the acts had to be cancelled because the gusts were over their wind-tolerance but it was quite a day. I have a couple pictures, but not too many.

And now I’m packing and going to Dulles. There’s no moss on us!


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