Cabinets, summertime, Webelos

Tyler became a Webelo last night.  The pack had a very nice crossing over ceremony, and unfotunately I still haven’t recovered my battery pack and charger from Fan Faire so I couldn’t capture it on video, and the camera malfunctioned at the last minute, so we have an after-the-fact picture of Tyler on the crossing-over bridge.
It was a really nice ceremony, and I must say I’m very impressed with this pack as a whole.  So organized, so many involved people.  Friendly people.  I’m considering getting more involved in it next year.  Since Tyler’s going to be a Webelo we’re going to be camping more, etc., etc…
Cameron is very excited about joining Tigers, and I wonder if there will be an opening next year for Tiger Den leader.  That would be the ideal way to start, and work my way up.
Speaking of camping, I hope we get a chance to do a lot this summer.
First things first is bringing the basement back to the basement and out of the garage… I really like my basement, and how empty it is right now, but that’ll be changing soon.  I built the last of the cabinet shelves sorta things that we needed this weekend.  Seem to have aggravated a back muscle in the meantime that hurts when I twist, but not when I lift.  So I’m trying to take it easy this week for the upcoming work getting the basement stuff back in the basement.
Teresa’s almost done with the year at the Center, but I think she may be teaching a summer camp class.  The boys will certainly miss the center over the summer, but it sounds like there will still be stuff ongoing.  I think we have to help the center move facilities sometime coming up, too.

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