Easter, and Recovery

Monday afternoon Teresa went and retrieved Aurora, who was staying with us for the week before we went down to Teresa’s parents in Homeland, GA.

I have to admit that this made me a bit nervous having a 2-year old in the house again. Especially one with as much energy and penchant for trouble as Aurora seems to have. But the days actually went by quite smoothly! Aurora was an absolute angel and fell asleep pretty easily, and I only had to change 2 or 3 diapers during the week. Two of them in one afternoon! As long as she stayed within sight of you, she was fine… and when she got quiet was the only time to be nervous.

We also got the bad news concerning the Malibu that week… that the water pump was bad, and the engine basically had to be taken out in order to replace it, which requires 7 hours of labor. Ouch. OUCH!

So Thursday I was pretty nervous about driving the van down to Homeland. I didn’t want anything else to go wrong with any vehicle, and driving for 700 miles seems like pushing my luck, which isn’t usually very good anyways. But we went anyhow, and got in without any troubles (other than very VERY high gas prices). We picked Amanda up along the way so she went with us for the weekend.

Friday morning we hit the beach, and it was crowded for that beach, but not really very crowded at all. We got a parking place right away and trudged out to the beach with all of our umbrellas, chairs, and very large coolers. The waves were pretty high for the boys, and they only ventured into the water a few times. I took them out deeper but just managed to scare them to death as waves over my head came in and crashed on us. The water was chilly at first, but I quickly warmed to it so was able to go in when they wanted me to… that was nice. We also built some sand-castles.

Saturday morning was the Easter Egg hunt that Homeland puts on for its residents. In an empty field they leave portions unmowed for a time and hide eggs around in it. Different sections for different age-groups. There aren’t really a whole lot of hiding places for the eggs, so if your kids aren’t one of the front-runners scooping up eggs there aren’t many left for them to find. In other words, none. Tyler found 1 egg that I pointed out and Cameron got none. But it was all good, because there was cake and lemonade, and goodie bags for the kids.

That afternoon we went back to the beach, with a smaller cooler (my idea, heh), slightly less stuff. The waves were a little smaller and the boys got to play in them more. Overall nobody really got sunburnt, other than my knees and the tops of Amanda’s feet. Aurora was a dickens, and we had to chase her and scold her quite a bit.

Harley got out and ran down the road a couple times so we had to hunt him down once. The second time we went hunting but then he walked out of a bedroom just as casual as you please. He was in the room with the boys, and despite us asking them if they knew where Harley was, the TV was on so their brains were switched off.

Easter morning was fun, and the Easter Bunny had the boys running around following clues hunting for eggs with the next clues in them in order to find their Easter baskets. They seemed to enjoy that.. 🙂 They got to hunt for plastic eggs, and then later we hid all the colored eggs (30+ of them!) around the yard. Aurora got to hunt for a few, and the boys got the rest with a little help from Harley.

We came back home Easter Day since Teresa had to be back for something Monday morning and we didn’t want to get up and leave at 4am, waking up Aurora, etc. We thought she would sleep but she was very tired of her carseat by the time we were on the road so she didn’t have a very restful trip. We got her home in short order tho, and made it home around midnight where we all just walked in and went to bed.

So this week has been a week of getting back to work… figuring out what around the house needs to be done. So much work to be done… work has been kind of slow so I got to mow the yard yesterday (I’m working from home since my car is still in the shop), and get it cleaned up before the weekend, since it’s supposed to rain all weekend. And thunderstorm. And it seems our DSL is especially sensitive to lightning flashes. Just sensitive enough that everything I do on the internet is affected, so it may be a weekend of watching movies.



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