Time Flies

Wonder how many cliches I’ll use in the title before I have to start using ‘Part 2’ after them.

This past weekend (Friday and Saturday anyway) was the EverQuest Fan Faire here in Atlanta. It’s a massively multi-player online role-playing game I play over the internet. I belong to a guild there… a group of like-minded people that enjoy helping each other and others out and get higher levels and more powerful in the game. One guild-member came from California, and four came from the Chicago area to the Faire. I’d never met these people before in my life other than chatting through the computer , and yet it felt as though I’d known them all my life. It was a weekend of very very late nights, and long drives home (and back) and a lot of fun.

Friday night I got home about 4:30am, thinking I could sleep about 5 hours before having to get up and go back (we had a tournament Saturday morning we planned on joining around 11am), but as soon as my head hit the pillow the lightning show started… and the thunder along with it. Did my children come running to our bed to gain comfort from Mommy and Daddy? Nope… our dog did. And I mean it, he came running into our bed. He lept in there and dove right between Teresa and I, with his head on our pillows.

I kicked him out once, but the next crash of thunder he leapt into our bed again. So I put him in the boys room to spend the night, but by then it was about 6am. So he woke me up again around 8am to go outside.

It was quite a storm and there was debris all over the road, and a few trees down, too. If I had any brain cells functioning I’d probably have turned on talk radio or something to find out about the storm, but I didn’t. I just drank my coffee and drove. The country station I was listening to didn’t seem to make a big deal about it.

I got there early, and nobody else was awake (how’s that happen… last to bed, first to rise) but I tried to get on some of the super-machines they had there for the attendees to use to play the game in order to try to practice a little for the tournament. I did finally get on one, but couldn’t find the place to practice so it was all for naught.

It ended up that network problems cancelled the tournament before we got a chance to play in it. Seems the super-machines were over-taxing the poor hotel’s internet connection and they had to reboot some routers to get everything operational again. I was again sitting at one of them when this happened, so spent 30 minutes waiting for that to clear up.

Saturday night was a Grand Banquet, and everyone dressed up, except me. I was wearing shorts and a t-shirt and was very cold since the storm brought in a cold front. Dressed up as in very nice clothes, or costumes. I wasn’t the only one under dressed so I didn’t feel too bad. We were far away, and couldn’t hear anythng, and were right next to the cash bar, so we kept each other company. They had a raffle for everyone that tried but couldn’t participate in the tournament, and the tickets right after mine, and right before mine seemed to win alot. But not mine. I walked away with an XXL t-shirt and a bunch of free music downloads they had put on the tables. Oh well, that wasn’t the point. The point was meeting my internet friends, and having fun, and at that I was extremely successful.

So Sunday I was a zombie… finally watched a Braves game and it was an exciting game. Braves got the early lead, then lost it, then regained it, then ended up losing in the 9th inning. I was excited in the 8th because I thought I was actually watching a game the Braves were going to win… but it didn’t happen.

Teresa went and picked up Aurora to spend the week. Amanda had to be put in the hospital last week because she was dehydrated. They don’t really have insurance to cover that kinda thing very well so I don’t know how that’s going to work out, but they discharged her on Sunday I think. Teresa picked up Aurora and she’s been staying with us… and she’s been an absolute treasure. She’s still a bit … curious. And gets places she doesn’t, but she is so sweet. The only thing that we really have to watch for is she loves the ‘chase me’ game, even in public places and when it isn’t a game. That can be scary. But she’s a cutie.

On the way home I heard her singing to herself, and I thought I recognized the melody and I started singing Twinkle Twinkle little star. It was dusk, and I figured she saw a star or something. I said, ‘Is that what you’re singing Aurora?’ She said, ‘No Papi, ABC!’ Ahhh…. lol. They have the same melody, so I wasn’t too far off. So we all sang it.

Our car situation is getting a bit aggravating again. 3 people with 2 cars doesn’t work, especially when 1 is scheduled for doubles every day, and the other is needed, too. Then my work gets busy with problems that I have to recreate in the lab, so I have to go into work. 3 have-to’s, and only 2 can-be. I’m so tired of car messes. And always being the sacrificial lamb, and having to be the one waiting on rides and being picked up. But anything else right now would mean driving all over tarnation and gas is quite pricey again. As I told Teresa the other night, ‘Just because it is aggravating doesn’t mean we have to do something that doesn’t make sense to appease me.’… or words to that affect.

To top it off my car started leaking coolant over the weekend, and needs to be put in the shop. And we’re going to Teresa’s parents for Easter weekend.

Oh, and someone rear-ended Teresa in the van. At least it means we finally get the back doors fixed. At least we’ll have a rental for that… but we still haven’t gotten the pin-stripes and running-boards fixed from where David misjudged a parking space.

We’re probably going to end up paying to get the Olds back on the road again, and give that to David to drive until he makes enough money to get a new engine for his truck. Then get my car fixed. Hopefully the engine won’t seize on him over the weekend and he keeps a close eye on the heat. If life were easy, anyone could do it, I guess.

Well, I’m late reading to the boys so I better get this posted and get on up.


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