Feast or famine

So last week we got the house closed… so we own it now.  Woo!  Buying a house is always a series of ups and downs… good news/bad news information.  But everything worked out and we only had to come up with just the bare minimum of cash on the barrel head (and that was really for the insurance premium) so it’s all good.  So we went to Florida.
Drove down Thursday night… got on the road pretty late and drove through the night.  It wasn’t as hard as I expected, but then I never drove it when I was a coffee drinker before, either.  A nap in the afternoon probably helped, too.
So we got into Florida pretty early… about 6am Friday I think.  Just in time for the alarms to go off and coffee maker to start.  It didn’t take me long to crash and so I took a brief nap before we hit the beach.  The boys sure do love the beach!  I took a bit of video but I haven’t brought it into the computer yet… so much going on!  Ballgame down there was a big hit.  Cameron has said he really enjoyed it, but he talked with me more about it than Tyler.  Tyler said he liked it, but wished there was more shade.  I told him there’s no shade on the beach and he said, ‘But there’s water!’  Sunday was another beach day, and we built a lot of sandcastles together while the water kept moving in and wiping them out.  Tyler said that was the best part.  And Monday we had to come home.  Too short… too short.
So as soon as we get back the carpet guys are calling about when we can come in and look at the quote, and it turns out the carpet we had looked at was a glue-down and we wanted a pad, so that bumped up the price a little bit.  Actually it bumped it up alot, and then Teresa went in to talk to them and it came down quite a bit more.  They have to redesign based on the carpet with the pad and I have to go in in order to sign off on the documents.  Signed off on the paperwork, came home.  Teresa had had to remind them about their 72-hour installation guarantee on the carpet we were buying before, so the next morning I stop by to check up and make sure everything’s hunkydory.  I’m there in person, mind you… and they say all is good.  PO is at the installer and the installer should call me soon.  Later that afternoon I get a call, "Mr. Stanton, did you pay for that carpet?"  Grr…  I would have been fine if I didn’t get that call… now I want confirmation about the 72-hours, and that the installer has it, yada yada.  So I bug the salesman, and call customer satisfaction and bug them about it, too.  The installer calls me that afternoon and they say, "We’re calling to schedule your carpet installation.  When would be a good time for you?"  I say, "When’s the earliest you can?"  They say, "Umm, let me see…"  Visions of ‘Monday’ or ‘How’s next week’ jump through my head but my worst fears go unrealized when she says, ‘How about Friday morning?’  Okay, phew.
Also in the meantime I’m arranging to go out of country to Germany.  Teresa found my passport while going through old files a few months ago, so at least that’s not a concern.  Also in the meantime I have a ticket for work about some software I never heard of before, and had never installed so I’m trying to get it to work to answer the customer’s questions…. and did I mention the basement furniture isn’t cleared out yet?  We don’t need to do all of it, but I want to get the annoying pieces out of the way so it’s just a matter of moving big stuff from one side of the room to the other and back again.  I don’t want to hear any, ‘Umm, sorry sir but we can’t do that’ tomorrow morning.
Since I’m going out of town next week a going away part for a co-worker was rescheduled to Saturday.  Others had conflicts with babysitters and everything so I just invited everyone over to my house… so we’ll be hosting that Saturday night.
So house purchasing, Florida trip, carpet installation, BBQ hosting, out-of-country flying…. oh and I’m also supposed to finish building the desks (installing the frames and legs), fixing the cabinet I built, importing the vacation videos, and don’t forget to keep eating healthy and exercising (which, by the way, I gained 3.4 pounds on the trip to Florida… guess I imbibed too many cervezas… and now I get to go to Germany and try not to gain any more).
You know I see people open up their planners and stick things in in a half-day here, or an day that was mostly empty there and I don’t know how they can do it.  How can they fill up so much of their time, and when do they get a chance to stop and breathe?  I guess I’m married to someone like that… but I don’t think I could do it.

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