GFCI, house, and strept throat

Had a lot planned for the weekend, but Saturday was rainy and nasty so had to cram as much of it in to Sunday as possible.

The basement right now is in shambled. Never one to completely finish a project before I tire and put it on hold, the basement is in a kind of halfway state of cleared out, and just cluttered up. We had to clear it out because we got the price we wanted for the house, so we were thinking we weren’t having to bring money to the closing. So that’s been going back and forth… we need money, we don’t need money… So I’ve been working on it, not working on it…

We’ve also been trying to figure out what to do with the boys’ area down there and how to give them maximum play-area and storage. Been looking at cabinets but really all we’re looking for is a box, with shelves, so I decided to build it. I went out and bought a router to help me with the shelving part and my first effort is less than perfect. Oh well… it costs $17.95 + a day of my time. Big whoop. As long as the final product costs less than $99 and is functional we’re good. I haven’t decided whether to cut that one down to make it ‘fit’ better or to buy more and start over. Plus I’m learning how to make things…

Routed the edges of the desks though and oh baby, those desktops look nice. Painted them, too. We have the frame and legs to attach and they’ll be ready. It’s going to look much better than those rickety shelves under the desk we had before.

So the basement is coming along… in fact, just heard word that we can probably go ahead with the carpet.

When I got home with the materials on Sunday the boys were painting one of the desktops and had brought up one of the heaters we used in the office in the basement. It wasn’t really a cold day, but there was a gusty wind that drew the heat out of all your extremities. The heater was still on when I cranked up the circular saw to start cutting the shelves. Everything died. And I spent 2 hours hunting for the GFCI breaker, and it turns out the breaker in the box had tripped. I had checked that!

Tyler’s got strep this week. He went to the Doc’s this morning and found out, and so he’s going to be home the next couple days while he takes the medicine and gets un-contagious. He’s feeling okay today, and probably already on the road to recovery (Saturday was probably his worst day), but antibiotic is good to make sure it gets killed. Cameron so far hasn’t gotten it from him, though. But they’re both extremely excited about going to Florida this weekend.


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