Busy busy

Sorry I’ve been so horrible about posting. But it seems that everything has been a bit hectic lately.

Had a bit of a set-back in the weight loss. Just a week of not really paying attention to what I ate and next think I knew I had gained 1.8 pounds. Not a big deal, really, but enough to get my attention back on it. We’ve been eating out alot lately because we’ve been so busy.

We’ve been busy on several fronts. The first is that Teresa is making a lot of friends at the Center where the kids take classes. She’s getting real involved in it, helping the owner and generally helping things run smoothly. So this past weekend we got invited to a martini party. And I learned something.

I don’t like martinis.

So maybe next time I’ll just stick with something I know I like. But we stayed pretty late, the boys played with their friends and everyone had a good time.

The second busy front is the house. Everything looks like it is in order in order to close on the house… we got the appraisal we wanted so we won’t be needing to be bringing any money to the table. The closing looks like it’ll be the end of Feb.

We got some money back from taxes in the form of Lowe’s card, so we’ve been looking at some upgrades for the basement. We’ve got carpet measurers coming soon, and hopefully that’ll mean installing the carpet soon thereafter. Like maybe Saturday !! …. wow that’d be nice.

So I’ve been lugging the books back upstairs into the garage, once again.trying to minimize the amount of furniture that needs to be moved around down there. We’re pulling out everything in the basement office and installing new legs, painting desks & shelves while waiting on the carpet. We’ve also got some lighting for the drop ceiling. We may have to wait until after closing, just in case.

That’s about all for now…


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