It’s been a while since I posted…. oops.

Lessee… we’re moving forward on buying our house that we’ve been renting.  It’s been a bit trying getting everything in place.  But that which doesn’t kill us….  It looks good for now and even doesn’t look like we need to put any money into it right away.   Which is good, because we could use it for other things.

Tyler got his whittling chip.  We went and bought him a pocketknife, which is MIA at the moment, of course.  I knew we should have put a lanyard on it.  Ever do that?  Tell yourself, ‘Gee, I should do that.’ about 12 times, but not make the time to do it and then later realize that it was a good idea after all?  Anyway, I know it isn’t lost too bad.  Just fell behind something or another.

We’ve been doing a lot of cleaning in the house, but that’s a never-ending job.  Hopefully soon we’ll be finishing the basement.  I’m ready for a real floor in the office area, and a ceiling in the basement.  That’s going to be quite a job, I think.  Lot of reaching over the head work.

Went to a SuperBowl party with Paul… that was a lot of fun.  Davo was there, with his wife, as well as a friend of theirs Tim Neumeyer.  It was a good time all around.

Played poker again at the bowling alley last week and didn’t really get any good cards, but still came in 7th… made it to the final table anyway, out of 5.  Didn’t get to go this week because Teresa had a meeting.

We finally put the van in the shop to get fixed.  David added a bump or two to it this past week and since the other guy was filing a claim we might as well get it fixed, too.  So our running-board which has been hanging rather loose should be fixed nicely, and maybe even the back door!  Won’t that be exciting.  Teresa is liking driving the rental car, though, because when she takes corners all the stuff on the floors doesn’t go whooosh… whooosh back and forth.

I have been making it to the gym in the mornings… I’ve just been walking so far.  I’m going to add more but I didn’t want to plunge in, get sore and barely be able to move so I’m going to add it as I’m ready.  I think I’ve learned from the Weight Watcher thing that when I’m ready to do something I stick to it a bit more.  Although I have been playing rather fast-and-loose with the diet lately.  I’ve still been losing.. except this week since the Super Bowl party involved beer, of course.  But I’m not paying real close attention to what I’m eating.  I probably need to get back to that soon.

That’s all for now I guess.


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