I’ve been talking about wanting to put together a
schedule for my days… something that’ll fit in all the things that I want to
do.  I’ve been wanting to start going to the gym here at the office. 
I need to schedule ‘math class’ for the boys.  I need to go to work (funny
I thought of that one last).  Plus there are my extra-curricular
activities like poker, and EQ2.
So here’s the tentative schedule.  I can’t
believe it took me 2 weeks to figure this out:
6:30 am – Rise and shine!
7:00 am – Workout
8:00 am – Work
12:00 pm(ish) – home for lunch
5:00 pm(ish) – math (MT,HF)?
6:00 pm – dinner
Here’s where it gets a bit complicated
Mondays: 7pm – Scouts
Tuesdays: 7pm – Poker?
Wednesdays: 5:30pm – Weight Watchers
Thursdays: 7pm – More likely
9:00 pm – Boys bedtime, read, etc.
11:00pm(ish) – bedtime
Wonder where soccer practice and/or baseball
practice is going to fit.  Both boys have expressed an interest in sport
for the spring.

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