A New Addiction

I got this really cool video recorder for
Christmas.  We were looking for something to better record our memories
onto digital media so we can distribute them better.  We had thought a new
digital camera would be an easy way of doing that, since ours is only
half-working (no zoom, basically).
My parents got us a video camera that has a USB
port on it.  For a month I’ve been thinking, ‘It’s too bad I can’t record a
playback through that USB port.’  Well today I downloaded and read the
manual… and guess what!  I can!  Let me back up a
I told my sister, Laura, who was visiting this
weekend that I had a video capture device, and that I didn’t have the
software.  She said, ‘You have XP, dontcha?  Microsoft Movie
Maker!’  So I’m like, duh!  I look on my system and sho nuff it’s
installed on there.  So I tear the house apart looking for my video capture
I don’t find it.  Big sigh…. I have one
piece but not the other….
So I hook the video camera up to the USB port, and
recall my dad saying, ‘It’ll be a webcam, too!’ during Christmas.  Hmm,
methinks.. that’s cool.  Webcams need drivers tho, so let me run out to the
Panasonic site, download the drivers and see what the manual says.
Okay, now I caught up with myself.  So today
and I downloaded the drivers, and while I was there was looking through the
manual.  It looked at first that only the next model does what I wanted,
but then I saw that in order to do webcam you have to have it in video-recorder
mode, unplug and replug the USB cable.  So I did that, with the camera in
playback mode, and looked in Movie Maker and there is the feed! 

So I did this.  It’s a very big
file… 10MB, so those of you on slower connections may have a bit of a wait to
download it.  I also made one for Paul’s son’s first birthday party.  I just
love this!

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