Cameron is Six!

Cameron had a marvelous birthday.
Tyler and Cameron made an ice-cream snow-man on his birthday, and we sang him Happy Birthday.  He had cupcakes at ‘The Center’ (where they spend a lot of time during the week with classes) with his friends, AND we had a party at Chuckie Cheese’s today with friends and the Kitchens’.  He was very thrilled about all of it.  And he was not ready to go to sleep because he wanted to keep playing with everything.
He’s also getting very good at putting Play-Doh away when he’s done.. 🙂
We went back to the bowling alley Thursday night to spend the money I won Tuesday and it was quite a bit bigger night.  About 40 people.  I came in 9th… last man out before the final table.  I had AJ, player to my left went all-in, another player called him, so I called as well getting great odds.  Turns out player on my left had AA, second player had TT.  Ended up with 2 pair A’s and J’s but not good enough to beat 3 A’s, so I was out.  Only had one bad play during the night… calling down a pair of 8’s but the others had been bluffing and showing pretty frequently.  I guess the plays worked.
Guess that’s about it… work was pretty slow this week.  Still not quite sure how to approach this writing thing… still no schedule made, either.
Hit the 25 lb. mark in weight loss this week.  WW was about story-boarding and taking the next step.  I know sooner or later I’m going to have to start exercising.  I guess that’s my next step.  I’ve been putting off taking it.

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