Lack of Concentration

A while back I was determined to simplfy my life a
bit so I made a bit of a resolution (it wasn’t even New Year’s!) to concentrate
on a minimum of ‘interests’.
They were, in no particular order:
1. Poker
2. Brewing (tell you the truth I wasn’t that
thrilled with my last batch the more I drank it)
3. …. doh … I forget what the third one
These are extra-curricular interests mind
you.  They are on top of everything like work, the kids, etc.  I
thought I had put them in my blog but I don’t really see them
I’ve already stated I don’t really care for my
work.  It’s okay, but I’m not as into it as I used to be when I had a
job.  I’m much more into the life part of life than the work part of
life.  I feel like I’m just hanging out at the job, biding my time until my
stock options expire.  The Networking Community has so many specialties now
it is a bit daunting.  And to commit yourself to a specialty is to make
yourself only marketable to those who like those specialties.  So you have
to have many specialties.  And employers aren’t really willing to pay for
them like they had in the past.  If I switched jobs it would be a pay-cut,
Teresa and I have been talking about me going back
to school to start working on whatever my next career is, so I’ve been trying to
think about that.  But there isn’t much that really interests me too
I like computer games, but I’ve read articles about
the computer game industry, and it isn’t for older, established, married
guys.  Super-tight deadlines, long hours, for not a whole lot of pay. 
That’s a strike-out.
What about other professions?  Accounting,
yada yada… nothing in medicine, certainly.  Sigh.  I have no
Going back and taking some creative writing classes
might be interesting.  See, there’s that writing thing again.  Always
come back to it but never get past the ‘hard’ part of writing.  I haven’t
written a complete story since the creative writing course I took in
college.  Maybe with some workshopping and/or peer support/motivation I
I need to work out some goals, I think.  For
one, EverQuest is taking up WAY too much of my time.  Since I have no goals
in anything else there’s nothing drawing me out of it in order to get something
accomplished.  House-stuff kept me busy for a while, but we’re recovering
from Christmas and need to pay down a few bills before I can ramp that up again
(and it will ramp with a vengence, basement floor, ceiling, desk-tops to start
with).  I desperately want to get back into the poker habit, since that
actually brings in money…. potentially a LOT of money.  And I have been
playing a little.  But I get distracted real easy when I’m playing poker
I also think I need a schedule.  Set out some
hours I do things so that I make sure to get them done and don’t neglect
them.  I need to do some writing-training.  Just little exercises to
work myself up to doing it again.  Maybe some character sketches, or
scene-work.  Outline some basic story ideas and write them.  Put that
in my schedule.
I’m still working on it. 

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