Well Under Way

The New Year is well under way now.
I was just about completely useless this weekend, since it was FR-eezing out Saturday the only thing I accomplished was pulling down the Christmas lights.  Then I bundled up and spent the rest of the day in the cellar, playing computer games.
Teresa was working on her volunteer work for the Enrichment Center where she is teaching and the boys are taking some classes.  They are very excited that today they get to go to their first class to learn magic tricks.  There are other classes they’re taking too, but that’s the one they wanted to go to.
Sunday we figured it’d be the same until I walked outside about 4pm and it was in the 60’s!  We missed a day of kicking the boys outside there, I think.
Tyler spent Monday working on Cub Scouts achievements, and looks like he’ll be getting at least 3 badges at the end-of-the-month pack meeting.  He had a lot of fun last night since they did some music discussion.  They played a game like musical chairs but passing around a balloon.  If the music stopped they had to bust the balloon, get out the instructions inside like ‘Do the Chicken dance’ and ‘Sing Yankee Doodle’ and other things.  Tyler got the B-i-n-g-o song, which he only barely knew but as soon as it started the whole den started singing (as it was for everyone, not just Tyler).  He really enjoyed that.
Then they made oboes out of straws, which I remember doing frequently as a kid.  Good night all around.  Cameron did that, too.  And they showed Mommy how to make them this morning before going off to the Enrichment Center.
By the way, if this font is too small you can hit ctrl-+ and your browser will make it bigger.
We may go to a free concert this week for MLK day, Black History month.  Why do I always cringe when extra-curricular events like that come up?  I usually have a good time when I go, no matter what they are, but breaking out and actually going for me is a chore.  I never look forward to it when I have something to do outside the routine.  I’m just a bump on a log.

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