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Today I:
  • Barely ate… not by choice but by schedule.  Forgot breakfast because I woke up real early in order to try to catch some customers in India concerning some cases I’m working.  Ended up going out to Longhorn with Teresa to use a giftcard we got for Christmas from Mallery.  It was a good dinner, so I probably ended up over as far as points go… I’ll tally tomorrows accurately.
  • Lost 2.4 pounds at WW.
  • Won $17.50 in poker.
  • Gained 2 levels in EverQuest 2 with my lower level enchanter that I started to become an alchemist.
  • Am very tired, because I’ve got some sinus issues trying to flair up.  I think in part it may be because I had to take the carpet out from under my feet in the basement because I got rained on… well, not really rain.  The washing machine hose came out of the drain and filled up the laundry room with water, and it drained onto my head.  Luckily it was far enough away from the electronics that nothing was touched.
  • Did I mentioned I woke up at 7am?  Now I’m exhausted.

Guess that’s it for now… must go to sleep.  I think the night-time medicine I took for sinuses is taking a grip.


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