Blogging by E-mail

This is cool.  I can send in my blogs by
e-mail, too.
I’m tired today.  I feel like I’m coming down
with some kind of sinus thing so I took a Claritin-D today.  I blamed it on
my co-worker today because he hacked in his cube all day Tuesday and
Wednesday.  I think I’m feeling a little medicated right now… maybe
that’s all it is and I just need something to eat.
Maybe I’m just not used to working, heh.  You
want me to work HOW many days in a row? 
Work isn’t too difficult right now, but is stuff I
don’t know.  But it’s stuff I’ll definitely need to know going forward, so
that’s a good thing.
Don’t forget to check out my moblog so you can see my new
haircut and messy desk.

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